In a stunning approach from the air, the islands of Tuvalu, small appear as a mirage in the vastness of the Pacific. Only slightly higher than the surrounding ocean, and covered with a fringe of coconut palms, it is easy to understand why the sea level rise due to global warming is a major concern here.

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Time moves at their own pace in the five atolls and four islands in the sun this nation stunned. The weight of heat requires immediate withdrawal of the shadow, it is impossible to move or even think fast. Change by a team, and enjoy the lack of clutter and noise.

Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, Tuvalu the enormous changes in recent years are nowhere more evident than on Funafuti, the capital atoll of Funafuti. The cars are bicycles and feet forward as the preferred form of transportation, and increasing population density and away from subsistence traditions are taking other problems. Meanwhile, you can join the locals taking an afternoon nap before a sunset float in the lagoon. If time is really no object, risk to the outer islands, where life is much more relaxed.


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