Top Three Attractions in Brazil

amazonBelieve it or not, an affordable vacation package to Brazil is possible.  Most of use assume South American destinations like Brazil are far too costly to visit as a family, but the reality is the world is getting smaller – at least in terms of travel.  Let’s take a look at the top three destinations in Brazil, then it is up to you to start packing!

The Amazon River

There is the Amazon region, and then there is the Amazon River.  We recommend seeing the river itself, as the entire Amazon region is both vast and wild.  In terms of sheer volume, the Amazon river is the largest in the world, but the Nile has top spot in length – by only a few meters!  Throughout the 4000 miles of surging, flowing waters in the Amazon, there are at least 3000 known species of marine life.  However, scientists discover new species every year, one could say the Amazon is a hotbed of emerging life.  Nestled in the Amazon Basin, the entire river is surrounded by more than half of the planet’s last remaining rainforests – and they are a remarkable sight!

The Iguazu Falls

Sandwiched between the Brazil-Argentina border and the Iguazu River system, the tremendous Iguazu Falls lay untouched.  They are in the same natural condition as they were hundreds of years ago, unsullied by mankind.  Yet, the Iguazu Falls are not singular, there are in fact 275 waterfalls along the rivers system, the highest of which rises 269 feet in the air – aptly named The Devil’s Throat!

Christ the Redeemer

Towering over Rio de Janeiro, atop the 2300 foot peak of Corcovado Mountain, the Christ the Redeemer statue stands with arms outstretched to the masses.  The statue itself is 130 feet tall, setting Christ’s peaceful expression looking down to the streets of Rio from a very divine 2430 feet in the sky.  Every home, every restaurant, every office, even the most prestigious of hotels in Rio can see the Redeemer from at least one vantage point.  Visitors from all over the world peer out their windows at the Hotel Astoria Palace  for a glimpse of the amazing statue.  No wonder it has the top spot on our list!

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