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The Danes are mostly a happy group. In fact, if you believe that the satisfaction surveys that come out every two years, Denmark is one of the happiest countries on earth with some of the best quality of life. Along the winding cobbled streets Danes shop and dine in some of the most exciting places in Europe. Restaurants Copenhagen has more Michelin stars than any other city in Scandinavia, and Denmark as a whole, no doubt, would have more if Michelin inspectors never bothered to leave the capital and the chief of Aarhus and Aalborg or around. Even the rules in a Danish daily coffee are generally very high.

Beyond the capital and major cities, Denmark offers a mix of lively cities such as Ribe and Odense plus rural, medieval churches, Renaissance castles and tidy 18th-century village. Neolithic dolmen, preserved 2000 years old, “people of the swamp” and the impressive Viking ruins are just some of the remains of the long and fascinating history of the nation.

Denmark continues to end effortlessly cool style in the world of furniture design, fashion, architecture and graphic design, as it has for the past half century or so. This obsession with good design, detail and fine craftsmanship is evident even in something as mundane as a subway car or train Copenhagen.
Centuries in the Viking Age, Denmark remains largely a maritime nation, bordered by the Baltic and North Sea. Nowhere in the country is more than an hour’s drive from its beautiful coastline, much of which is full of splendid white beaches.


Of his influences from North Africa and Arabic (listen carefully to the local language) in the Sicilian-inspired cuisine, Malta is a microcosm of the Mediterranean. Few European countries have concentrated this background architecture, and, yes, beaches in so small an area.

There has been an eclectic mix of influences and the roll call of rulers over the centuries, but had no doubt: Malta is not just a nominal place in Italy or a relic of colonial Britain. This island nation (all of 316 square miles of it, comprising the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino) has a unique character all their own. From prehistoric temples, baroque architecture of Valletta, the feasts of rabbit to festas noisy fireworks, rattling buses colorful fishing boats, this nation has lots of charm.

When the Unesco World Heritage granted to Valletta, called it “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world” wee Malta’s capital, and the city is certainly known for its fortifications and architectural excellence. Activity boils Triq go around and Triq il-Repubblika Merkanti, but walking through the quiet narrow streets, back to get a feel for daily life. The city overlooks the stunning Grand Harbour to the Port of Marsamxett southeast and northwest.
Elegant, aristocratic Mdina (Silent City aptly named) is perched on a rocky promontory to the southwest. Fortified by more than 3000 years old was the political center of Malta, today’s visitors can spend hours wandering the narrow streets and quiet. Rabat is the solution of the city outside the walls.


As the most populated island of Micronesia, Guam is so “cosmopolitan” as it gets, so it cops a lot of the attitude of the Pacific snobs who believe that no “real island culture.” Sure, the American accents are everywhere (which is an unincorporated territory of the United States and many households in Guam flying the U.S. flag) and the Chamorro language is not spoken as widely as it used to be. And if you never stray from Tumon Bay – the island’s dazzling tax-free shopping and accommodation center – then no doubt you will feel much better (or less) overwhelmed.

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But the island is currently in the process of retooling itself. Tourism officials talk about “product of Guam” as (not that American influence) needs a complete overhaul of its current status as a Pacific theme park for Japanese tourists. There may come a day soon when Chamorro culture (long subsumed by various invasions and occupations) is promoted above all, with a greater focus on local food and the fascinating stories behind many of the people.

You can do your bit for the escape Tumon, exposed to the best of Guam, and then spread the word. The island, although Micronesia largest, is small enough to explore in a day or two. The south is a place to visit, with its kaleidoscope of rural people asleep, history, breathtaking waterfalls and pristine beaches. The north is mainly in the hands of the U.S. military Base Andersen, but still, still contains the Ritidian point, a stretch of coastline, simply sublime, with palm trees, blue waters and golden sands.
Along the way, chat with the locals proud we are working hard to restore their culture and you discover a real community with a warm and welcoming attitude towards foreigners.

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21jan2013---a-mmodel-carine-felizardo-vencedora-do-concurso-miss-bumbum-brasil-2012-1358790953722_815x1080If I were to ask what country is known for its extreme, what would your answer be? Never mind, I’ll tell you. Brazil, no doubt. Now what if I told you that there was a competition for (hopefully) the best ass in Brazil? This is something that might be interested? Yes, I thought so. For it is said bumbum parade Miss Brazil, and (in the same light as the NBA MVP is considered the world’s best basketball player), the winner is officially the most wonderful woman in the world . You can check out all the competitors in all its glory below onion booty.

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