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Landlocked and surrounded by Romania and Ukraine, the ethnic divisions that demonstrate, Moldova has come a long way in a short time and is certainly more advanced than the EU-Romania easier in many ways. The focus of tourism is undoubtedly the country’s wine industry, which produces surprisingly excellent varieties and offer tours of the wineries that will win the strongest of constitutions – try Cricova, near Chisinau. Less famous are the attractions in the vineyards: fields of sunflowers, watermelons, vast, bucolic pasture land and the people incredibly friendly. Attractions more sober are the remote monasteries cut into limestone cliffs and a rural, inhabited by people of welcome.

But it goes further. What could have been a fascinating ethnic mix went horribly wrong in the 1990s. The Turkish Gagauzia and Transnistria Soviet areas bent recognize the opportunity and declared their independence almost at the same time, culminating in a bloody civil war. Today, it maintains a quiet truce with Moldova Gagauzia, while the Transnistrian region seductively strange is about to reopen old wounds.

While still in the fight for the title of Europe’s poorest country, Moldova prices (particularly for housing) are unexpectedly high. Coming from Romania, expect to pay about the same for almost everything.


Gaga├║sia capital, 92 kilometers south of Chisinau, is but a dusty town with little of interest, besides being an interesting cultural and provincial rarity. In 1990 ComRes was the scene of fighting between the Nationalists and the Moldovan armed forces Gagauzia, hastened by the calls of local leaders for the Moldovan government to hold a referendum on the issue of sovereignty Gagauzia. The protesters joined local Transnistrian militia, who are always game for a bit of shock.