When you hear the word “Japan”, what do you think? Does your mind fill with images of ancient temples or futuristic cities? Voices visions of mist-shrouded hills or lightning-fast high-speed trains? Do you think dress dresses or kimono geisha-business-CLAD? Whatever image you have of Japan is likely to be necessary because it is all there. But it also may have some misconceptions about Japan. For example, many people believe that Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world. In fact, it is cheaper to travel to Japan in much of North America, Western Europe and parts of Oceania. Others think that Japan is impenetrable or even downright difficult. The fact is that Japan is one of the easiest countries to travel. It is simply a place that will remind you why he began to travel in the first place.

If traditional culture is yours, you can spend weeks in cities like Kyoto and Nara, gorging yourself on temples, shrines, kabuki, O (stylized dance-drama), tea ceremonies and museums filled with treasures of the rich Japan’s artistic heritage. If modern culture and technology is your thing, the cities of Japan are an absolute wonderland – an easy look at the future of the human race, complete with trend-setting caf├ęs and fabulous restaurants. Outside the cities, natural wonders found throughout the archipelago. From coral reefs of Okinawa in the ski resort of Niseko, Japan has more than enough natural wonders to compete with its cultural treasures. Then there’s the food: if it is impossible fresh sushi in Tokyo, perfectly battered tempura in Kyoto, or a bowl of ramen in Osaka abundant, if you’re going to love Japan.
However, for many visitors, the true highlight of his visit to Japan is the kind hospitality of the Japanese themselves. Whatever your image of Japan, which undoubtedly exists somewhere in the archipelago – and is waiting for you to discover!

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