A trip to Iran is a chance to peel the layers of a country with a serious image problem. Beyond the stereotypes that you will experience a country desperate to see what it is, rather than perceived. Whether you’re in cities like Isfahan and Tabriz, in Iran’s Zagros Mountains Central or the deserts around Kerman, Iran, the real will be revealed. It is a country where the glory of ancient Persopolis Desert coexists with the current dynamics of traffic choked Tehran today. At the bottom you will discover a country of warm and fascinating people who live within an ancient and sophisticated culture. Embrace Iran and allow the Iranians to embrace – is the most valuable experiences.

Roger Housden has been saved by beauty combines an attractive travel guide with a memory philosophical on his trip to Iran in search of the beautiful culture that first fell in love with (distance) as a student.

If I am right, and poetry offers the key to understanding the Western Middle East, especially Iran, then Roger Housden is the perfect person to unlock the meaning.

Before visiting Iran, wrote several books of poetry, including one on Rumi, the revered Iranian poet of the 13th century. Thus, in 2007, about to turn 60, starts with Rumi in his pocket to find what he calls the other Iran. What is confusing some of his previous hypotheses about a deeply complex.
The book has a foreword chilling Housden police questioned about their true reasons for being in Iran. This scene contrasts sharply with the world when it is immersed in Iran.

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