Hippodrome of Palermo

argentinaThe Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo is in the heart of Palermo and Forests, on the Avenida del Libertador 4100, near the center of Buenos en1876 Aires.AbriĆ³ its doors and its buildings were fully renovated in 1908 by switching to other French style seventeenth century. Since 1992 is managed by a private company.

The biggest race is contesting the National Grand Prize for fillies and colts of three years, about 2,500 meters, declared of National Tourist Interest.

It has three sand courts. With four galleries: Officer, the Paddock, the Special and New Tribune. The main runway measuring 2,400 meters by 28 wide and is considered one of the best in the world by international specialists. It has attracted riders and thoroughbreds world renowned.

Its more than 1,400 boxes for race horses are very close to the slopes and have permanent veterinary guard. It also provides hosting service workers traveling with caballos.En currently offers over 120 annual Equestrian Meetings, to which has joined other leisure alternatives. Among those are four rooms Slots, with an array of modern gaming machines, varied cuisine and a shopping luxury goods.

It is located in a very accessible city that got through many lines of bus, train and subway line D.

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