Younger and less known in Africa, but it could well be the most talented or, depending on your perspective, the more opportunistic. While its larger neighbors, the more powerful are caught in a never-ending border dispute, Djibouti stands out as a haven of stability and neutrality.

Unfortunately for the few travelers who venture here (except perhaps for the French, who colonized the country and are more familiar with its assets), Djibouti is generally no more than a transit point on the road in Eritrea or Ethiopia. But, be lost if your experience is limited in the country is waiting around the city of Djibouti connection of an airplane, train or bus. Why not install in a while and enjoy the nightlife disheveled, exquisite cuisine and a well organized infrastructure? Better still leave town and immerse themselves in disturbing lunar landscapes, as the abbot of another world or in the vast salt lake lake Lake Assal. Or visit the green slopes of the Goda Mountains, which rise as a surprise green land northwest of this otherwise sun-bleached.

Djibouti is also a great place for the activity of a strenuous day, with hiking, snorkeling, diving with whale sharks (whispers softly) and even windsurfing on wheels (yes!) Readily available. For example, a tiny speck of land, there is a surprising variety of adventure options. But if you need to recharge the batteries, you can simply relax on a beach of pale sand in the Gulf of Tadjoura. It is true, take place in Djibouti your wallet, but if you have a penchant for strange places or secret, be sure to put it in his African odyssey. One could argue that in captivity longer than expected.

Coming from Eritrea, Ethiopia or the Middle East, usually comes as a surprise to many travelers to discover that the city of Djibouti city is a lively and cosmopolitan enough that strives to be recognized as the Dubai little in the Red Sea. Traditionally dressed Afar tribesmen, qat-chewing men Unashamed, unconditional French Legionnaires (and some GI) and sensual glamor kittens and Somali businessmen exhausted with the latest mobile phones glued to his ear their way around the side of another . This cocktail bustling, sweltering with African influences, Arabs and Europeans is simply amazing.

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