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Rebellious, flamboyant, vibrant, Lithuania (Lietuva) is Europe’s best kept secret. Pushed forth between the pillars of Russia and Nazi post, tenacious little Lithuania stunned the world when he played David and Goliath with the strength of the Soviet Union – and won its independence just over a decade ago. Today the nation that disappeared from the maps of Europe is back with a vengeance: it is part of the EU, was the first of the 25 EU players to give the European Constitution a stamp of approval and is a full partner law ‘n’ the fight of NATO – at home no less than four F-16 military jet alliance used to police Baltic skies.

This is a country with a colorful history, once has an empire that stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Her cousin pagan roots fuse with Catholic fervor – the Polish heritage sets it apart from its Baltic brothers – to create a land where Catholics and Orthodox are mixed happily in the forest to pick berries and mushrooms from the altar of nature. Its capital, Vilnius, is an incredibly small (can that be a capital?) With startling contrasts – dark mysterious courtyards, eccentric artist community, awesome arts and beautiful Baroque style. Its natural treasures, forests, lakes, magical saliva Courland west of Lithuania – brightness, while its oddities: the Hill of Crosses and a Soviet sculpture park – add a flavor found nowhere else.



Port of Klaipeda, 315 km west of Vilnius, is the springboard to the natural beauty of the Curonian Spit. But as the third largest in Lithuania, the city is worth a stop in its own right, especially Germanic flavor and architecture that reflects the fascinating past of Memel Prussia capital. The city was destroyed in the Second World War, during which he served as a Nazi submarine base, but a small patch whistle of the old town survived unscathed – like a tower of red brick magnificent accounts of the castle.


Colombia is back. After decades of civil war, Colombia is now safe to visit and travelers are discovering what has been missing. The diversity of the country may surprise you. Modern cities with skyscrapers and nightclubs? Verify. The beautiful beaches of the Caribbean? Verify. Amazon jungle walks and safaris? Verify. Colonial cities, archaeological ruins, high mountain trekking, whale watching, coffee plantation, diving, surfing, the list goes on.

No wonder the style of ‘magical realism’ of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, left here – not a dreamlike quality in Colombia. Here in Ecuador, with the sun up forever, the fertile soil beneath your feet, heart-stopping views in all directions and the warmth of the locals that puts you at ease – you may find it hard to leave.

Colombian culture, as the country’s climate varies with altitude. The essence of Colombia is in the alpine mountains in the cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cali, and the smaller cities of the coffee. This is the industrial heartland. Geographic isolation has kept the accent relatively unaffected by external influence; Spanish here is accurate and easy to understand. The infrastructure in the mountainous region is good, clean water, roads in good condition. In the heat of the Caribbean coast, life is slower and more relaxed culture. The accent is the accent leisurely Caribbean Basin, and infrastructure, unfortunately, is still in need of some attention.
In darkest days people used to say, “if only it were not for the violence and drugs, Colombia would be paradise.” Well, the drugs may still be here, but the violence is gone, at least for now, and is indeed paradise. It is an easy country to fall in love with, and to many travelers. Could well become your favorite country in South America.


Turkmenistan’s split personality is omnipresent. The sumptuous palaces in the capital gold statues, and marble monuments are as captivating as the deep mysticism and legend that hangs over places of pilgrimage and ancient ruins. This is a land that is both making authority, yet overcome by spirituality.

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The ancient cities of Merv, Dekhistan (also known as Misrian) and Urgench-inspired visions Könye slow moving caravans plod walk along the ancient Silk Road. The remains of its urban fabric are still slowly disintegrates under the weight of tribal warfare and time. The modern and well kept Ashbagat (also known as the city of love) will give you another bias in Turkmen culture, while the fertile plains of eastern Turkmenistan and numerous historic sites that is a necessity. Nature lovers will appreciate the haunting beauty of the Karakum (Black Sand) desert and the occasional quirks of colored canyons, dinosaur tracks and burning gas craters.

The entire experience of Turkmenistan is ultimately about mixing with the Turks, only a few generations of a nomadic lifestyle, they are friendly people, hospitality is part of the legend. Proud of their heritage, women are seen wearing head scarves and ankle colors, dresses decorated with Turkmenistan. Everyone from toddlers to aksakals (literally “white beards” revered elders) will welcome you warmly, with close to two hands and a slight nod.
Xenophobia is deeply rooted in high authority of Turkmenistan, a fact that independent travel contracts. Any person with a tourist visa is required to hire a guide, and despite the hopes of change, the situation remains the same in this post-Niyazov. While this may slow its independent spirit, is now the only way to fully experience the country. Despite this drawback, Turkmenistan offers numerous off-beat experiences, the night can be in a yurt, riding Akhal-Teke, or just disappear for a few days in the desert wilderness.


Spindly Chile extends 4,300 kilometers – more than half of the continent – from the world’s driest desert (near San Pedro de Atacama) to large areas of glaciers. Fill between the volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, plains and islands. The thinness gives Chile the privacy of a courtyard (though a fence between the Andes and the Pacific). What is the deal? Everything. With easy to infrastructure, spectacular views and hospitable hosts, the hardest part is choosing a route. Consider the sweeping solitude of the desert, rugged peaks and lush forests of the fjords. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Isla Robinson Crusoe isolated offer extra-continental exploits.

But do not forget that Chile is as much about character as it is setting. His vast place fires the imagination and has been known to the poets of Barmen, executive dreamers and friends out of strangers. A few wrong turns and detours and you also will be part of this family of tightly woven, the Sunday barbeques. Do not forget to bring an extra bottle of red for long, lazy dinner waiting.

For rafters and kayakers “Fu” or Futa river “has the same meaning as Las Lenas is for skiers, Rio must strike the beach, Aconcagua has for climbers, and Buenos Aires has for fashionistas – is simply the best in South America. the blue crystal waters and stunning wild attract more lovers of rafting and kayak-carrying travelers each year.
The town of Futaleufu, a small 20 islands of the network of houses painted in pastel-155 kilometers southeast of Chaitén, is primarily a service center on the border with Argentina, 8 km away, and a bedroom community to the rafters and kayakers. For those not planning to run the river or in nearby cities continue Trevelin and Esquel in Argentina and the Parque Nacional Los Alerces in Argentina’s, there is little to do in town but admire the incredible scenery.