copacobanaEveryone has heard of Copacabana, is one of the world’s most famous beaches. Four miles of white sand beach, really amazing, is relatively cheap with regard to their own nightclubs around, the people here are very nice and always convey a pleasant atmosphere. There are hundreds of places where you’ll find a nice atmosphere to enjoy.

Copacabana is home Futvolley, you can enjoy both practicing and just watching. It’s a really fun sport.

Unfortunately, it is also a place where robberies so generously, so it has its very handy item.

Copacabana is the combination of a walk, a very popular beach and tourist. For about four kilometers and extends this walk semicircular shaped beach protected by a chain of buildings, mostly hotels which overlook the ocean and the rest, reaching the mountains, business and apartment houses. The beach is on the Atlantic Ocean coast and extends from the Fort of Copacabana to a solid rock cliff called the Morro do Leme. Behind this hill is the famous Sugar Loaf and the fort across the equally famous Ipanema beach.

Although the promenade and beach are continuous belong to two different neighborhoods, the Copacabana and Leme. That’s why I called the Copacabana Beach, about three miles, and Leme beach, the division occurring in Princesa Isabel Avenue. For our purposes does not make much difference but do not want to offend anyone by omitting this information.

The tour consists mainly of the famous sidewalk with his drawings in waves or waves. In this we see people walking sidewalk and other running. Some sat in the stands taking coconut water or other liquid with the highest percentage of alcohol. Everywhere there are vendors who never tire of offering their goods although few would buy.

Between the sidewalk and the ocean is the famous beach. When we were starting the season and many people were already there during daylight hours. It is an ideal place to meet other people from around the world or to tan. By the way, regarding the locker room, we saw a lot more fabric on the beaches of other countries we have been. There are always exceptions, but what we witnessed was that the control that is advertised both among foreign in Rio.


For many travelers, Morocco could be a short hop by ferry or by one of the low cost airlines myriad of Spain, but is a much further distance to travel culturally. The regular certainties of Europe suddenly swept away by the arrival in full technicolor Africa and Islam. It’s a complete sensory overload.

Travel Ideal Road Trip

Tangier, which faded libertine on the coast, has traditionally been a first port of call, but the winds quickly blow along the Atlantic coast in the cosmopolitan and famous movie star in Casablanca, and white gems of fishing ports of Asalih and Essaouira. Inside, the great imperial cities of Fez, Marrakech and attract visitors en masse as they have for centuries. The streets of the ancient medinas have plenty of surprises around every corner to fill a dozen repeated trips. Far from the urban pace, you will find Roman ruins and steep valleys to distract drastically.

If you really want to get away from everything, Morocco still has a few trump cards. The High Atlas Mountains seems tailor-made for hiking boots, with endless trails between Berber villages, and the highest peak in North Africa (Jebel Toubkal) to the conquest. Or if you prefer someone else to do the walking, you just have to hold your camel and walk straight in the Sahara, to see the sunset over an ocean of sand.



The land that gave birth to the first great civilization needs no introduction. The pyramids, minarets, the Nile – Egypt’s scope is magnificent.

Visitors are surprised to discover that these legendary pyramids are only the tip of the iceberg archeology. Pharaonic Nations, the ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, and Arab dynasties have played a role in shaping the shame of Egypt’s rich architecture.

Zumba chaos of Cairo around a medieval core has remained unchanged since the days of the founding of Islam. Upstream Luxor, the site of ancient Thebes, is aligned with the labyrinths of burial chambers opulent and boasts some of the most imposing monuments of all antiquity. Further south of Aswan, even more impressive temples geometrically write a testimony to the power of gods and pharaohs archaic omnipotent. This is where the Nile is best explored on ancient sailing in a felucca (Egyptian sailboat) at the hands of the currents and prevailing winds.

To the west, the ocean of sand of Egypt extends infinitely in the Sahara, with a handful of isolated islands oasis of green power. Hivelike medieval fortresses, shrink here, interspersed with fountains and bubbles ghostly rock formations. Meanwhile, deep, clear waters of the Red Sea are awash in bright coral, surrounded by a frenzy of underwater aquatic life. In the deserts of the interior of the Sinai, visitors can climb the mountain where God was speaking with Moses, and spend his last days in happiness idyllic coastal backpacker in Dahab Shangri-La.
Although one of the most politically stable countries in the region, Egypt today is not without conflict. Thirty years of authoritarian rule, a shadow economy and rising cost of living fan the flames of social discontent. However, the Egyptians are a tough lot, and visitors make the trip here is ancient history until modern hospitality.

An Understanding of California Workers Compensation Costs

The rate that employers pay for California workers compensation rates is computed on a variety of things. Two major things are the companies’ total salaries paid and the number of claims filed by that particular company.

The Ca workers comp rates are also computed by the state to define when base rates need to be adjusted. Often this decision combines the increasing cost of providing medical services to workers injured on the job and the total number of claims filed from throughout the state.

It is in any company’s best interest to strongly encourage safety in the workplace to keep the number of injuries with Ca workers comp claims down. The more claims the higher the California workers compensation rates are for the individual company.

In April of 2012 it was reported that the commission would recommend base rates rise 7.7% above the rate that the group proposed just six months ago. This would mean that the Ca workers comp rates would increase for all companies state wide regardless of their safety record (how few claim were filed).

What this will mean is that policies that renew on July 1st an average pure premium rate will be two dollars and fifty-one cents per every one hundred of payroll. The San Francisco based Rating Bureau is making the rate increase due to the worsening claim results and forecasts of lower wage growth throughout California.

There are companies that are offering an alternative to standard state mandated Ca workers comp. They say that they can offer basically the same coverage at a savings of a great deal.

NCCI or the National Council on Compensation requires employers to have liability insurance to cover employees that are injured at work. They are not required to have the insurance sponsored by the state though. As long as they have liability insurance equal to the level of coverage the Ca workers comp the state mandates.

If a company can get liability insurance from an independent company at reduced rates, it will meet the mandate for employee coverage. It does companies good to shop around for the best rates they can find. As long as the coverage meets the standard the state requires, then the California workers compensation rates can save companies literally thousands of dollars every year.