Spindly Chile extends 4,300 kilometers – more than half of the continent – from the world’s driest desert (near San Pedro de Atacama) to large areas of glaciers. Fill between the volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, plains and islands. The thinness gives Chile the privacy of a courtyard (though a fence between the Andes and the Pacific). What is the deal? Everything. With easy to infrastructure, spectacular views and hospitable hosts, the hardest part is choosing a route. Consider the sweeping solitude of the desert, rugged peaks and lush forests of the fjords. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Isla Robinson Crusoe isolated offer extra-continental exploits.

But do not forget that Chile is as much about character as it is setting. His vast place fires the imagination and has been known to the poets of Barmen, executive dreamers and friends out of strangers. A few wrong turns and detours and you also will be part of this family of tightly woven, the Sunday barbeques. Do not forget to bring an extra bottle of red for long, lazy dinner waiting.

For rafters and kayakers “Fu” or Futa river “has the same meaning as Las Lenas is for skiers, Rio must strike the beach, Aconcagua has for climbers, and Buenos Aires has for fashionistas – is simply the best in South America. the blue crystal waters and stunning wild attract more lovers of rafting and kayak-carrying travelers each year.
The town of Futaleufu, a small 20 islands of the network of houses painted in pastel-155 kilometers southeast of Chaitén, is primarily a service center on the border with Argentina, 8 km away, and a bedroom community to the rafters and kayakers. For those not planning to run the river or in nearby cities continue Trevelin and Esquel in Argentina and the Parque Nacional Los Alerces in Argentina’s, there is little to do in town but admire the incredible scenery.

Punta Cana to Puerto Plata

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After years of war and isolation, the most pristine environment in Southeast Asia, intact cultures and quite possibly those most chill-out on the land means the destination Laos is fast earning cult status among travelers. Is developing rapidly, but still has a lot of tradition that has sadly disappeared elsewhere in the region. Village life is refreshingly simple, and even in Vientiane, it is hard to believe this sort of languid riverfront life exists in a national capital. Then, of course, is the historic royal city of Luang Prabang, where watching as hundreds of saffron-robed monks move silently among centuries the monasteries is as romantic as a scene that you will experience anywhere in Asia.

Away from the cities, there is more to be seen, the Plain of Jars in Xieng Khuang province, the forested mountains of northern Laos, the gothic limestone karsts around the backpacker shelter Vieng Vang and the Deep South, more beyond the market area Pakse, is Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), where the mighty Mekong river spreads and all hammocks are made.

The wilderness of Laos is attracting travelers in search of nature, adventure, or both. Kayaking, rafting, climbing and biking are available, but the community-based trekking is popular because it combines spectacular natural attractions with the opportunity to experience the “real-Laos” with a family home town – while spending your money where most needed.
There is undoubtedly a tourist route that grows in Laos, but that just means that there are plenty of ways of Route 13 where you can make your own way. After all, half the fun of traveling here is on the same trip – the people you know, seats share chickens, and retakes Wrong Lao-Lao drinking with family smiling down the road less traveled.


For those of you who came later, in 2004 there was a popular revolution in Ukraine. And while the orange-clad lift could not leave the country basking in a happily ever after future, it was a revolution that, contrary to the famous phrase, not feed their children.

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The map remains the same, with the imposing, monumental capital of Kiev in his heart, Odessa Crimea overwhelming and surprising in its southern coasts, as well as Central European cozy Lviv near the western hills. Several years after the track, the industrial, pro-Russian east has forgotten its threat to secede.

However, Ukraine is visiting today is not the country that existed previously. ‘Post-Orange Ukraine could be the political blues, as successive parliamentary deadlocks drag, but the press is freer, more open attitudes and improving its economy. The memories of the show of “Maydan” (Independence Square in Kiev) is fueling a civic awareness. There is no democracy in power rather than autocracy, fair elections and a tolerance of genuine public debate. Also, the unfulfilled promises of a weakened president has injected a sense of realism, but cynicism.

Ukraine, whose name means ‘borderland’, is slow and sometimes indecisive, moody. Although they are often rude and unhelpful bureaucracy that prevailed when it was part of the Soviet Union, but has now been tempered by the widespread aspirations to eventually join the EU. The younger generation, in the center of the Orange Revolution, are looking forward and enjoying new freedoms. Traditionalists, meanwhile, are concerned about the fleet too far from neighboring Russia’s orbit.

A nation of cuts, as contemporary scholars like to say, Ukraine is based on numerous historical influences, and as a nation that is mosaic for the unification of the symbols of the 21st century. The dominant culture is Slavic, but even Scythian gold accumulated in the history museum in Kiev Pechersk Lavra Kiev (Monastery of the Caves) and Byzantine mosaics line the capital’s cathedral of St. Sophia.
The golden domes of Russian Orthodox crowd shine and Ukrainian cathedrals out through one of the poorest countries in Europe. However, among the rocky outcrops of fascinating Crimea, you will also find the Turkish architecture, not to mention the cities ancient caves. Cossack thieves in the country are remembered in the Dnipro River Khortytsya of the island as well as in music and dance rituals.

Not all Ukrainians have an equal (duck) to kick all these traditions. The east of speaks Russian, center and south could have the pride in the history of the Cossacks, but the west of Ukraine of speaks of country lionises the native culture Hutsuls the Carpathians, while Tatars Crimea are making a comeback in its peninsula homeland.

So any success that after the Naranja of Ukraine get is a building of blocks towards a new national identity. By hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, abolishing most visas to welcome more foreign tourists, being chosen to host the European Football Championships in 2012 and even fishing for Games 2018 Winter Olympics, the country hopes once overlooked to display their growing skills to the world.

Meanwhile, they want to demonstrate to all Ukrainians, too.