trancosoFormerly known as the village of Sao Joao Batista dos Indios, founded in 1586 by the Jesuits, Trancoso has become a stunning tourist destination where visitors encounter a beautiful and compelling nature. Life here revolves around the Quadrado, a square Jesuits survived the ages in intact and was rediscovered in the ’70s by hippies.

But there are two attractions in Trancoso protruding from the rest: Praia dos Coqueiros and Rio Verde, two of the best beaches in Bahia.

Trancoso’s main activity is obviously walk its beaches. Among them, Praia dos Coqueiros has the great advantage that their access is complex, you can enjoy it in solitude, and cut by the river Trancoso is a joy to behold. On the left bank of the spectacular beach Trancoso find two Natives, which stretches for 3 kms, and later the Da Barra do Rio beach, which is also worth a visit.

Another amazing place is the beach Rio Verde, the high point of the coast, with a striking blue sea, golden sand and a natural green bush that frames the landscape. Nearby is Pedra Grande, an interesting beach with the particularity of having a reef near the sand that is seen at low tide.

Playa do Curuipe is another of the highlights, and is located just 20 kms towards Trancoso CaraĆ­va became a former fishing village to one of the most famous beaches in Brazil since the houses were renovated fishermen with much refinement while maintaining its original features and alternating them with good bars and restaurants.

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