Thailand, the land of smiles

Thailand is called ‘the land of smiles’ because of how people treat you from the very first second you step out of the plane. Truth is nobody ever complains, at least in public. Everybody will help you, even those who don’t have to because it’s not their job.

Ask directions in the middle of any Thai city-center and you shall see by yourself. Politeness and kindness are so very important here. When someone can’t understand English, he or she will still manage to apologize for not being able to assist you. Some will also try to explain you the way by pointing in a direction and using body language, just in case you can use that information.

It’s fantastic; so rare in the world of today that you can hardly believe it. And that is the main reason why we, as foreigners used to such a different way of behaving in our societies, love this beautiful country. The life experience you shall find here has no equal in any other corner of the world, for sure.

Weather a Thai is rich or poor, young or old, cultivated or not, from a small coastal town or the big capital city, man or woman… it doesn’t really matter, for a Thai person will always try to make you feel at ease.

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