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Marveling at a Mayan Palace 1300 years old, Palenque as parrots scream and howler monkeys growl in the emerald jungle, sweating around you. This is Mexico. Slip of a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and turquoise waves of the Pacific warm in Puerto Vallarta. This, too, is Mexico. Dinner on salmon enchiladas and chrysanthemum salad at a fusion restaurant in Mexico City, dancing all night at a local high-energy Guadalajara, kayaking at dawn past a colony of sea lions in Baja California – all these are unique experiences in Mexico. Each visitor goes home with their own unforgettable images. Such a big country, halfway between temperate and tropical zones, reaching 5 kilometers into the sky and extends over 10,000 km from its coast, a city of 19 million people at its center and a myriad of small people around the world, can not fail to offer a variety of options for the human adventure.

Mexico is what we do. Its billions of dollars from the tourism industry is adept at satisfying those who like their travel easy. But the adventure is what undoubtedly will if you take a few steps out of the way pre-packaged. Activity based tourism, ecotourism, community tourism and real – the kind that actually helps preserve the local environment – are developing rapidly in rural areas. The opportunities to get to spectacular wild places in Mexico and interaction with local communities are bigger than ever – canyoning world class near Monterrey or cooking lessons in the Veracruz area of ​​hiking the cloud forests in Oaxaca and snorkeling in the coral reefs of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Planning your first trip to Mexico? Be prepared for more crowds, noise, bustle and the poverty of what we’re used to, especially if it’s your first trip outside the developed world. But do not worry – most Mexicans will be more than happy to help you feel at home in their country. Invest a little time before you go on learning, even just a couple of Spanish phrases – every word I know to make your trip a little easier and more enjoyable.


Before Cancun and Ixtapa, Acapulco was the original city of the parts of Mexico. With stunning yellow beaches and nightlife of 24 hours, which was called. “Pacific Pearl” During its heyday, Acapulco was the playground for the rich and famous as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, John F. . Jacqueline Kennedy and his wife honeymooned here. It was immortalized in films like Fun in Acapulco Elvis TV at sea.

Chetumal Quintana Roo tourism

chetumalChetumal is the capital of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located on the border with Belize, south of the Yucatan Peninsula on the shores of the bay of the same name. The city is known as “the cradle of mestizaje”, as it was in this place where the Mayan princess married Zazil has shipwrecked Spanish and Gonzalo Guerrero, who aculturó and became a Mayan chief during the conquest of Yucatan. They had three children, who are considered the first Mexican fruit of miscegenation between natives and conquerors, and their descendants are known as “the first mestizos”.

Chetumal Quintana Roo tourism

Chetumal is a city girl with a genuine Caribbean atmosphere, is at the forefront in the development and care of the ecology and protected areas and its great importance, Chetumal Bay and its coastal portion, is one of the top six of the 21 protected areas in the state of Quintana Roo, not only for being part of the Mesoamerican Reef, but because habitat, breeding area, food and shelter for many species of birds, terrestrial and marine fauna, especially the manatee. That’s why this area was enacted in 1996 State Protected Area “Manatee Sanctuary, Chetumal Bay.”

Central entrance door to Mexico, capital of Quintana Roo, home of mestizaje, Chetumal is a cultural center whose dirt roads lead us to visit archaeological sites full of magic and picturesque communities that preserve the serene village charm.

As the state capital, is a place that offers many activities to tourism, allowing us to discover its natural beauty, tourist, cultural and historical. There, travelers can enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, diving, ecotourism, archeological, daytime activities, nightlife. During sightseeing in Chetumal we visit museums, like the Cultural Center of Fine Arts, the Cultural Poliforum Rafael E. Melgar, the Maya Culture Museum, the Museum of the City, its monuments and parks. Image Adam Jones