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Pariah of Europe, Belarus is on the edge of Eastern Europe and seems determined to avoid the integration with the rest of the continent, at any price, taking leadership of the Soviet Union instead of the European Union. However, this is at the heart of its appeal – while the rest of Eastern Europe has charged headlong into capitalism, Belarus offers the opportunity to visit Europe with almost no advertising, litter or graffiti. Much more than the “last dictatorship in Europe” – words of Condoleezza Rice, has come to haunt the country democratically to challenge Alexander Lukashenko – Belarus is a country of humor earth, friendly people and political courage in adversity bleak. Outside the capital, Belarus offers a simple and pleasant landscape of fields ominous, dense primeval forests and picturesque villages. While travelers will always be subject to curiosity, which is always also on the receiving end of very warm hospitality.

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While the country to acquiesce in the Second World War means that there is relatively little historical interest to see three most attractive cities of Belarus – Minsk, Brest and Vitebsk, offer a surprising number of visitors – from the nightlife and the cosmopolitan sparkle the capital, tragic remnants of the fortress of Brest, and the childhood home of the painter Marc Chagall in Vitebsk. The country also offers two excellent national parks, both well worth a visit. The largest mammal in Europe, or European bison zoobr, you can see in Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, while the Pripyatsky National Park, the “lungs of Europe” offers great bird watching in its extensive wetlands.



The Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends that all travel to some areas and against nonessential travel to the other, may consult with their national government in the matter.

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Thailand is often referred to as a land of gold does not, because there is precious metal buried underground but because the country emits a certain glow, either in the fertile rice fields of the central plains, white sandy beaches or the warm hospitality of its citizens.

Thailand’s cool season extends from November to late February. With its low humidity, relatively low temperatures and clear skies, cold weather is the best time to visit, although the normal days of 20 degrees and 30 low could leave in doubt who came up with the term ‘cool’. It is also the peak tourist season, so expect lots of new friends in the most popular locations such as islands and major cities.

First presentations take place in Bangkok, a modern giant screaming traffic, shiny shopping centers and international sensibilities interwoven with devout Buddhism. Chiang Mai, the country bohemian downtown, is unique and precise elements of Thai culture become a classroom for cooking classes and language classes, while climbing in the mountains around Mae Hong Son find stupa-key peaks and villages after Stone Age cultures. Slide the tail of the coast are the evergreen limestone islands of Ko Tao and Kho Phi Phi Don, filled with tall palms angling over pearlescent sand. Thailand’s beaches are stunning, hedonistic and mythic among residents of northern latitudes.
People come here to the miners: first perhaps for purely Western concept of R & R. And while they themselves provide for a bronze hue on the sandy beaches are found in the daily rhythm of Thailand a tranquility that is not limited to vacation time. The northeast is a region more suitable for family homes and educational concerts that fast souvenir snapshots: here you can dive deep into the psyche of Thailand, dating a searingly spicy food tolerance and a mastery of this strange tonal language. Welcome to a transformative experience disguised as a holiday.

How to trek to Everest Base Camp

Everest has captivated intrepid men and women since 1920. The exploits of legends like George Mallory, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay put the huge mountain on the map, thousands of people have followed, making huge sacrifices – many with their lives – in their own attempts at the summit.

But today, the trek to Everest Base Camp has become an achievable goal for people from all walks of life who want a hint of the world’s highest peak. In 2012, between 35,000 and 37,000 people marched in the Everest region.

What’s it like trekking to Everest Base Camp?

Aside from stunning scenery, travelers in the region can experience unique Sherpa culture visiting monasteries and museums along the way. The days are full of walking for the sheer pleasure of it, past prayer wheels through colorful and swing bridges out of an Indiana Jones movie, while nights are rewarded with a hot meal and a conversation with people like-minded around the fire in the dining room.


The heady mix of natural beauty, fascinating culture and a sense of personal achievement and the Nepalese warm hospitality, makes the Everest Base Camp Trek one of the world’s most unforgettable.

When I have to make the trip?

From March to May and September to December. It gets hot in May, just before the monsoon season, be prepared for possible rain. Reaches zero temperatures in December, but the days are still beautiful and there is a smaller number of hikers (but remember to cherish the evenings).