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Extending across half of South America, Brazil has captivated travelers at least 500 years. Powdery white sand beaches lined with palm trees and in front of deep blue Atlantic, spanning more than 7,000 kilometers. That dot the coastline are tropical islands, full of music metropolisesand lovely colonial towns. Inland, Brazil offers dazzling views of a different flavor: majestic waterfalls, canyons of red stone and crystal clear rivers – only a small part of the natural beauty. Its attractions largest and most famous are the Amazon and the Pantanal, the pair hold some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Observation of nature here is simply amazing, as is the opportunity for adventure – but you need not go into the jungle to find it. Kayaking, rafting, trekking, diving and surfing are just some ways to spend a sunny afternoon in almost any region of Brazil.

Some of the world’s most exciting cities are within the borders of Brazil, and travelers do not need to come to the Carnival to experience music, dance and revelry that night packages calendar for many. Considering many charms of the country, the only drawback to travel to Brazil is a logistical (and financial) one: you will simply leave.

Arraial do Cabo, 45 miles east of Saquarema, surrounded by bright white sand dunes and offers all the beauty of Búzios, with half of the complaint. The sign on the edge of town proclaims that it is “where the sun spends the winter”, and indeed, it is easy to feel that this small town at the tip of the peninsula is an enchanted world in itself. Arraial is home to a working fishing port, Porto do Forno, which gives it a welcoming attitude of the working class. Humor small statues of the lighthouse at intersections in the city add a touch of charm. Some of the best beaches, beautiful unspoilt sandy stripes and bright green waters – are within an easy walk of 15 minutes from the bus station in the center, while others are just a short boat trip.
Arraial is a good place to see humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and several other species of marine mammals. Since 1999, Project scientists and Golfinhos Baleias Arraial (Whale and Dolphin Project Arraial) have been studying local whales and their migratory routes, which pass directly to the coast.


Smoking Volcano Conception and place of ash with almost perfect silver, pure Lake Nicaragua to pierce the cloudy sky. “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes in fact, we think, like the waves of Cocibolca (the old Indian name of this” Mar Dulce “) of rock suddenly his tight little in awe unspeakable. To these symbols of the nation, the wind on water, the fire of the earth – to convey the meaning of the elemental passions of Nicaragua’s most powerful, poetry (not set them up, unless you want) and the revolution.

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If you climb Concepción you will look over beautiful colonial Granada and its hundreds of small tropical islands (islets), through the thin isthmus dotted with crater lakes where the Pacific breaks gap in the cove beaches. Beyond, red and black Momotombo Volcano towers over Lake Managua – its counterpoint is the massive iron silhouette of Sandino, conscience of the nation and solemn function that defines the horizon of Managua. Proud León also beckons with its churches and museums, while the cloud forests, sparkling waterfalls and amazing coffee and fresh green in northern Nicaragua can tempt up. Here in the mountains and lakes, the mightiest rivers of Central America begin their journey through the autonomous, indigenous ownership of the hills of the Caribbean coast to the sea.

For visitors of a certain age, only the name of Nicaragua – taken from a tribal chief of the wisdom and power that can never disappear from the collective memory of this nation – evokes grainy images of guerrillas dressed in camouflage, dotted with features and soundtrack of 1980. Despite having completed more than 15 years, leaving one of the safest countries in the Americas, Nicaragua, the Contra war is all too often our collective memory of the land of Nicarao.