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With the desert boasting some of the most beautiful sand dunes of the Sahara, hard splendor Mountain Air and Tenere desert is one of the most spectacular views of West Africa, and intriguing, the ancient trade route trans-cities of Agadez Zinder and being home to magnificent labyrinth of local adobe architecture and fascinating, the international appeal of Niger as a destination is undeniable.

Odd, then, that friends often ask ‘Why Niger future travelers?’. Click on Niger problems with localized food shortages dominate the headlines, and paint the entire nation to light the poor themselves. Some press reports would have you believe that locusts and drought periodically destroy the food supply from Niger. Niger is undoubtedly one of the world’s poorest countries, but taking the tourist dollars elsewhere only exacerbates the problem.

The lucky to make the visit will witness the permanent physical beauty and comply with a vibrant mix of people, some of the most stoic and resilient citizens of the planet. Whether getting into taxis Bush with local and travel between the peoples of color, slip into a 4WD and tackle the Ténéré or canter in the air aboard a camel, you will never forget your stay in Niger.