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Forget the frivolities of Hollywood, Madagascar is like nowhere else on earth. In fact, all things considered, hardly qualifies as part of Africa: the two are separated by hundreds of miles of sea and 165 million years of evolution – long enough for plants and animals of Madagascar to become some of the strangest forms on the planet. Nowhere else can see over 70 varieties of lemurs, including one that sounds like a police siren, chameleons largest and smallest of the world, and the last on hold elephant bird, the largest bird ever ever. About Ifaty south of Madagascar, you will see the forests of gnarled and thorny “pop” trees and in the west, marvel at the bottle-shaped baobab trees, especially in the Avenue du Boabab near Morondava.

And be on the look out for the carnivorous pitcher plant found around Ranomafana, more than 60 varieties of them. Not for nothing is considered priority.And Madagascar’s world number one conservation people are no less interesting: arriving here about 2000 years ago along the Indian Ocean trade routes, growing rice in paddies terraces, and speak a language that has more in common with its origins in Southeast Asia than Africa. Their culture is full of taboos and magic, caves, waterfalls, imbue animals and even some physical objects with supernatural attributes. Mountain people live in traditional brick houses with carved balconies several stories, and in some areas, dance with their dead ancestors in the ‘turning of the bones of the ceremony.

Throw in a little history of pirates, the coast full of shipwrecks, great cuisine, some of the world’s longest name place, and people unfailingly polite and friendly, and enjoy a refreshing take on excess “only” tag.

The small town of Ankify is the main port for ships and ferries between the coast of Madagascar and Nosy Be. If you make the journey from Nosy Be too late, and can not find a minibus to Diego Suarez, will have to spend the night. The last taxi leaves brousse Diego around 11, since no one wants to drive at night.


Capturing the essence of Africa on paper without using all the topics in the book? No other continent comes close to her on the stairs, the variety and impact pure, raw. Africa offers a travel experience of a thousand miles of good backpack, air-conditioned tourist trails of Southeast Asia or the theme parks of the cash cow of Australia or Europe.

The natural history of Africa alone will make a dozen visits worthwhile – elsewhere in the world can fall asleep to the sound of roaring lions, or see a million flamingos take off from the waters of a remote soda lake ? The parts of a landscape so spectacular display of time will condemn Africa near his mind, but the essence of this continent is not unbelievable in any desert, mountain or a lake. It is the spirit of the people – pushing, shoving, sweating, dancing, singing and laughing – that infects so many visitors with a travel bug so powerful that they will never come back, sometimes against all sense or reason.

Debate with venerable merchants among the cold and narrow streets of a medina Arabic dance hits of reggae beats that come from a market stall in West Africa, or chatting with the fishermen of India under the palm trees of the ocean, and he was beaten mostly good for honesty, effusive and vitality of African peoples.
Africa is not always an easy place to travel, can be frustrating and difficult at times. The logistical difficulties and disasters can occur. But do not believe everything you see on TV: Africa is not a hell hole full of civil war, plague, famine and violent crime. It is a fantastic, enlightening continent, surprising and intriguing. Try it once, and we guarantee you will dream of returning for the rest of his life.


Get rid of the image of Singapore as a dull and sterile utopia – scratch the surface and discover a strange mix of cultures Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western, a rich stew social is anything but boring. Sure, graffiti-free trains run on time, traffic jams do not exist and everyone looks clean cut and healthy, but who needs pollution, poverty and chaos?

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Singapore Food mouthwatering is the number one drawcard. Pull up a bench in a downtown street vendors, open a beer Tiger and dive into a wide range of Asian delicacies generous, heavy on flavor, light on the wallet. Do not waste? Singapore offers the best shopping and restaurants in Southeast Asia innovative and stylish, plus a range of first class hotels. Top of the tree is Raffles, a timeless symbol of colonial opulence.

Of course, not all about shopping, food and G & T on the terrace. Please outdoor activities – Sports of the street, bicycle and water – or draw out the contemporary art scene, thriving on government promotion of Singapore as an arts center. If you want a break from the city limits, the center of the island has reserves of bright green forest tract which is all you’ll hear monkeys clattering through the branches.

The city of Leon is more than I expected – the dust of the credit card, the first of her stomach and dive right in.



Malaysia is really like two countries in one, split in two by the South China Sea. The peninsula is a multicultural buffet of flavors Malays, Chinese and Indians while the Borneo rainforest is home to a smorgasbord of wild orangutans, granite peaks and remote tribes. Within and across these two very different regions are an impressive array of microcosms ranging from space-age skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur to the people of Sarawak longhouse of smiling and calm beaches and dusty Perhentian Islands. And we mention the food? Malaysia (especially along the mainland coast, west) is one of the best assortments of delicacies in the world.

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Start with Chinese-Malay ‘Nonya’, go to India on banana leaf curry, law Chinese, Malay spicy food stalls, and even some western food amazing. However, despite all the pockets of ethnic groups, religions, landscapes and sometimes very large distances between them, the beauty of Malaysia lies in the fusion of all this, in a country that is one of the most safer, more stable and easier to manage in Southeast Asia.