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Cameroon’s tourism industry is a victim of geography. It is in a tough neighborhood, surrounded by some problem countries. But this does not get discouraged, since Cameroon has really almost everything that a traveler could want. One of the most culturally diverse countries on the continent, its inhabitants are ancient tribal kingdoms, Muslim pastoralists and forest dwelling pygmies.

The picture is no less dizzying in its diversity. Mount Cameroon (4095m) is the highest peak in West Africa and attracts a lot of hiking interest. An active volcano that rises almost straight from the sea in a spectacular way. Further north are the hills Grassfields area of the ring road, while the mountains of Mandara is a complete change again – dry and rocky, with isolated villages living. Located along this are some of the oldest rainforests in Africa, and the excellent Waza National Park, with an abundance of mammals and birds, and large herds of elephants gather in water wells in the dry season.

If all this runs out, you can retire to some beautiful palm fringed beaches and fantastic seafood, which should help to recharge their batteries. Throw in a cold beer or two, some harvest Makossa music alive and the Indomitable Lions of the national soccer team, and they are enjoying their discovery.


Yaounde, could be the capital of Cameroon, Douala, but economic power. With little in the way of tourist attractions, is a mess of dust sweltering traffic jams honking. It is difficult to estimate first, give it some time and can begin to appreciate the good restaurants of this harbor city, nightlife and a decaying tropical environment. As the Cameroonians say, ‘sleep Yaounde, Douala is moving. “

Top Three Attractions in Brazil

amazonBelieve it or not, an affordable vacation package to Brazil is possible.  Most of use assume South American destinations like Brazil are far too costly to visit as a family, but the reality is the world is getting smaller – at least in terms of travel.  Let’s take a look at the top three destinations in Brazil, then it is up to you to start packing!

The Amazon River

There is the Amazon region, and then there is the Amazon River.  We recommend seeing the river itself, as the entire Amazon region is both vast and wild.  In terms of sheer volume, the Amazon river is the largest in the world, but the Nile has top spot in length – by only a few meters!  Throughout the 4000 miles of surging, flowing waters in the Amazon, there are at least 3000 known species of marine life.  However, scientists discover new species every year, one could say the Amazon is a hotbed of emerging life.  Nestled in the Amazon Basin, the entire river is surrounded by more than half of the planet’s last remaining rainforests – and they are a remarkable sight!
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