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Best Bali Beaches

bali beachThe beaches of Bali are famous throughout the world. Some of them are:

Jimbaran is a quiet beach. Since they opened their doors to the Four Seasons Resort and the Inter Continental, this area has become a popular destination for windsurfing and to go on sailing boat. Jimbaran is directly south of the airport, in the way of Denpasar towards Nusa Dua. The village of Jimbaran is the narrow neck of the island of Bali, and therefore has two different beaches. In the West, facing the beach Jimbaran Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxury resorts.

Kuta is the most popular, fuller and longer Bali Beach. It is ideal for those who want to combine a vacation of beach with surfing and shopping. It is a safe beach.

Legian is known as “the beach of the United Nations” because locals, expatriates and tourists mingle well here. The sunset here is a time moved because the bars fill up and the soccer field also.

Lovina near the northern tip of the island of Bali lies a stretch of villages by the Bali sea… It is well known as an excellent place to watch the sunset, snorkeling and diving. Activities for the night are abundant, as well as chartered boats out to sea. If you like what offers Kuta, but don’t like the crowd, then Lovina Beach is the option.

Indonesia Tourism

indonesiaIndonesia, vast archipelago, with the island of Bali admired for its temples, tropical beaches, volcanoes and the friendly people. Indonesia Tourism such as Celebes by ancient tribes Toraja country. And Sumatra by Berastagi, volcanoes and tropical forests with its large lake Toba.

A very complete trip in one of the most exotic places in the world: INDONESIA.

On the island of Java, the route begins touring the ancient temples of Borobudur and Prambanan and cultural capital of Indonesia and Yogyakarta or Solo. A stunning sunrise facing the volcano Bromo and Ijen Volcano ascension sulfur mine with his farewell to Java. We crossed by ferry to the island of Bali and headed to the mountains of Ubud.

Map of Indonesia Adventure
In a small town where artists still maintains the flavor of the old Balinese kingdom. Ancient temples, traditional houses and a culture that remains authentic over time.

We’ll fly to the island of Sulawesi to walk the land of the Toraja, participate in ancient burial customs with sacrifices of buffaloes and pigs, people between rice crops, rows of houseboats, an authentic and magical world.

Finishing the trip better dining seafood Bira on a quiet beach, where fishermen collect their nets just under the light of a sunset rainbow on corals.

It flies to Sulawesi capital of Makassar. Formerly called the Celebes Islands, are a group of islands in innumerable most of which we’re moving. Presents a capricious manner similar to a starfish twisting. Private bus to Rantepao in the mountains of central Mexico inhabited by ethnic Toraja.