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At the end of Belgium, apparently the majority. This small country has recently celebrated its 175 th anniversary of independence and, after several years of big and bold moves to get a picture shy, life is now in a very even keel. Sure, there are new companies (tennis great) and low (no mention of the Red Devils or the national debt), but most Belgians are more than happy with his place in the world, and not change it for quids.

For a heavy dose of medieval architecture and the atmosphere in time capsule condition, Bruges is a lovely place, despite the hordes of tourists agree. Brussels and Antwerp are the two dynamic cities, or slow down a touch of Ghent, once a medieval city to rival Paris and now one of the swingingest cities in Belgium

In the area of ​​moral freedom, Belgium is a world leader. Much has been done recently to grant gays and lesbians the same rights as heterosexuals. Euthanasia was legalized in 2002, despite recent proposals to extend the law to include adolescents and dementia patients are being fought by religious leaders.

A lot of other issues are hotly debated on a Duvel or two, not least the federal election of 2007, so you can see the prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, returned for a third term. If the results of the 2006 municipal elections are any indication, however, Flemish Liberal Democrats Verhofstadt (VLD) party, full of infighting in recent years, should be worried. So, too, if the green parts, support has dropped recently due to the great games that incorporate environmental issues into their own platforms.
Many are also discussing the future of the extreme right wing party Belang, Vlaams (VB). VB leader Filip Dewinter failed in his bid to become mayor of Antwerp, in municipal elections.