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Los Arcos de Lapa

loa arcosLos Arcos de Lapa is considered the most important colonial building structure in Brazil. Its construction began in 1744 but before the work would have served to bring the Carioca river to the city. Its style is Roman, has 42 arches, was built by indigenous and African slaves. Its structure is considered the most important in Brazil.

Currently, this is used as an aqueduct over tram connecting the center of Rio de Janeiro with the Morro de Santa Teresa, where the route is quite scenic and interesting shots that can be obtained from the route. Also, on top of that is the Santa Teresa hill from where we can see the Bay of Guanabara.

Another typical buildings in Rio de Janeiro are the Arcos de Lapa, an ancient aqueduct, now used as a tram viaduct. In the center of Rio, in the neighborhood of Lapa, Arches of Lapa found, an iconic monument of the city that brings reminders of the past, the colonial Rio.
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Figueretas Beach

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The beach of Figueretas is secure, central beach, divided into smaller parts, sitting in front of apartment blocks and hotels and is bordered by a palm-lined promenade that extends to the left in Ibiza and Playa d en Bossa right .

This is the closest beach to Ibiza and there are good views of the old walled city of Dalt Vila from the other end. A small port of small fishing boats Figueretes separates Playa d’en Bossa.

In the evening the promenade is filled with craft stalls and restaurants along its initial length to fill up a murmur filled with tourists.

Good selection of bars, restaurants and shops all within reach, either on the boardwalk or on the road behind.

Getting there: Located in the center of the district of Figueretes
Ibiza city. Easily accessible on foot (approx. 15 min.), Bus and ferry in summer also.