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Jericoacoara Beach

brazilTwenty years ago this beach was a simple village dedicated to fishing with no electricity. Currently, the site has grown in infrastructure but keeps all the peace and tranquility that you expect from a place like this.

The main reason for this is that to get access to this beach will have to use a 4×4 vehicle to pass the complicated ways. And even once you get to the beach of Jericoacoara, you will find that most of the streets of the village are covered with sand, so getting it is best to rent a buggy.
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“It’s going to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.” Then came out of Mark Twain in the 19th century, and the promise of sun and sand Bermuda still attracts tourists to its shores. These days celebrities like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, call Bermuda home, and millionaire executives pop for a little R & R. The island makes for a nice vacation getaway. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, Bermuda has pampering resorts to soothe your soul. Romantic hotels atmospheric find canopy beds and candlelight dinners. Or maybe you want to really let loose. Jump on a bike and let the wind whip through your hair. Go out in town and dance the night away in the seaside capital, the city of Hamilton.

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The island is surrounded by a coral reef fish that holds great colors and has trapped tens of shipwrecks, so diving and snorkeling memorable places like Elbow Beach in Paget Parish. On the other hand, the crystalline waters of Southampton Parish provided perfect conditions for kayaking and sailing. The offerings to the land are splendid too. You can play a game in a field of world class golf, walking paths of peace and bask in glorious pink sand beaches. Or stroll through the twisted streets of the colonial settlement of San Jorge, the oldest town in Britain to survive in the New World, which is so well preserved that it has become a World Heritage site.

Bermuda has a mild climate that is comfortable all year round and the friendly people who easily strike up conversations with strangers. And there are plenty of distinctive local color as well, a landscape of tidy pastel houses attractive to employers dressed in shorts.


Almost everything in Bermuda revolves around the city of Hamilton. Whether you’re talking politics, trade and geography, Hamilton is the center of everything. This is where people go to attend to business, do some serious shopping or spend a night on the town.