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Paraguay is a country of fascinating contrasts. It is rustic and sophisticated. It is extremely poor and obscenely rich. It has exotic nature reserves and large man-made dams. It is a place where horses and carts to carry forward for Mercedes Benz, artisans workshops confronted with glitzy shopping malls and the Jesuit ruins in rural villages near Encarnación are a few kilometers from sophisticated colonial cities such as Asunción. Torrid subtropical forest with metallic butterflies contrast with the dry border and wild northern Paraguay and the Chaco. Here, many Mennonites have created their haven, living alongside some of the many indigenous groups in the country, while European influence is particularly strong in the quiet villages, such as Philadelphia and more chaotic capital.

Surprisingly, the backpackers are rarer than pumas in Paraguay, but the journey is always a gift-able – whether on a bus trip of bone kamikaze-style noise or slow waddle to the Paraguay River aboard a rickety boat. While the Paraguayans are more accustomed to visits by their immediate neighbors, which is relaxed, friendly and curious to anyone – share a tereré (iced herbal tea) and will be taught the secrets of his country attractive. The residual effects of dictators, corruption and smuggling contributes to a general feeling that, for many years, much of the Paraguayan life has taken place behind closed doors, as their people to participate in public protests with confidence.

Incarnation is a cut-rate shopping center, the heart of the Paraguayan Carnival and the gateway to the nearby Jesuit ruins of Trinidad and Jesus. The old town used to run in the lowlands near the river. When the next resumption of Yacyretá was built, businesses and offices were moved to higher ground in preparation for the flooding that was (and still is) to occur.
Years later, the floodgates have not yet been opened. He currently occupies the old town, decaying public buildings is a massive tacky bazaar. Amid the chaos is the Municipal Market Fair, ideal for a cheap meal. On higher ground, the modern city pleasant and functional features shops, a place very nice and modern facilities.