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Lesotho (le-soo, too) is called the South African “kingdom in the sky ‘for good reason. This breathtakingly beautiful, mountainous country is the island in the center of South Africa and is a fascinating journey of his rodeo larger neighbor. the country offers mountain scenery, a proud traditional, endless hiking trails and the opportunity to explore remote areas of Basotho ponies.

The ‘lowland areas (all of which are still above 1000m), offer some steps commercial craft and dinosaurs, while the highlands of northeastern and central peaks have a high (over 3,000 meters) and valleys . Escape from the world in the remote eastern Lesotho Sehlabathebe National Park, or have a good time to capital Maseru, where a slow pace and friendly people ensure a memorable stay.

Lesotho came into being during the 19th century, when both difaqane (forced migration) and Boer raids inside the country were in full swing. Led by the legendary King Moshoeshoe the Great, the Basotho people sought sanctuary and strategic advantage in the middle of ground limited the Drakensberg and Maluti mountain range. The small nation forged remains an intriguing anomaly in a sea of modernity.
Getting around is very easy – the normal car hire will get you most places, public transport is extensive, albeit slow. The pony trekking or hiking from town to town are the best ways to explore.


Perhaps the ultimate in luxury long-distance, the Maldives is currently enjoying incredible growth again after recovering from a series of disasters in recent years, including coral bleaching caused by El NiƱo and the 2004 tsunami horror . In fact, so superior are its beaches, so cobalt blue waters and warm your host country that has become synonymous with paradise, either for the couple, sun worshipers or divers.

A geological eccentricity at the center of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a series of ancient coral reefs that grew up around the sides of prehistoric volcanoes. These vast structures have collapsed a long time in the ocean, leaving behind the coral islands of incredible natural beauty, is now being colonized by travelers in search of pampering and romance without restraint, from the modernity of ‘Women in the idyllic paradise of the southern atolls.

This is the simplified life of simplicity – bright blue skies, sunshine all year round and fantastic diving and snorkeling lagoons in the temperature of bath water. The country embraces travelers from around the world allowing them the freedom to require tourists without compromising the depth of the Muslim faith a little island.
This is an exciting time to visit a country in the frenzy of development. Every few months has recently opened stations of the leading brands of range of eco-boutiques, back to nature, hotels. Not cheap, even after all this is a place for a vacation of his life (and this phrase suddenly takes on new meaning here). The Maldives requires the attention of anyone looking for a break only indulgent, nature and the breathtaking beauty that stays with you long after your tan has faded.


that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends not all nonessential travel to some areas may consult with their national government in the matter.

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When a popular holiday destination on par with neighboring Morocco, Algeria, the tourism industry all but disappeared when the bitter civil war break out in 1992. After a decade of conflict, the situation improved a little, and some access to the south of the Sahara has been possible in the last couple of years. However, traveling independently, without a car is almost nonexistent, and after the kidnapping of 2003 without driver tourism travelers should be aware of the risks involved.

This shortage of visitors is a real shame because Algeria is one of the most fascinating countries of North Africa. In the dramatic classified by UNESCO n’Ajjer Tassili and Hoggar regions, near the town of Tamanrasset, the tribal culture is very much alive, and the day to day problems common to many Arab countries absent. Algiers, contains a live mix of tradition and modernity, its colonial past remains present. Timimoun city embodies the storybook oasis of the Sahara, and the cozy town of In Salah, is divided in two by a sand dune reptile.
The options for travel are limited, especially as a backpacker, but the opportunity to see even a part of this vast nation is not to be missed.