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Angola is a revelation – in more ways than one. Marked by years of war painfully debilitating and untouched by foreign visitors since the 1970s, the country remains remote and unknown, with few observers of both the geographic highlights and vast cultural riches that are hidden behind a veneer violent appearance. But with the recent removal of a 40-year civil conflict ushering in a prolonged period of peace and stability, opportunities for exploration opens in silence. For outsiders the attractions are many. Despite widespread poverty, corruption, innate and infrastructure devastated by decades of indiscriminate fighting, Angola has an appeal that few countries can match. Here, in the heady heat of equatorial Africa, you will find some of the most polite of the continent and discover many of its best kept secrets.

Relax on the long beaches, solitude shows untouched natural parks or sift through the ruins of Portuguese colonialism. From Luanda to Lubango, the nuances are alarming.

Despite advances in infrastructure and the security situation improved dramatically, travel to Angola remains the preserve of adventurers, fanatics or those budgets.But flexible transport network gradually recovering and wildlife that are sent to repopulate the depleted national parks, signs of recovery are more than a mirage.
Angola is halfway along the path of economic and political atonement, and it would be a shame to lose the chance of a spectacular renaissance.


In a stunning approach from the air, the islands of Tuvalu, small appear as a mirage in the vastness of the Pacific. Only slightly higher than the surrounding ocean, and covered with a fringe of coconut palms, it is easy to understand why the sea level rise due to global warming is a major concern here.

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Time moves at their own pace in the five atolls and four islands in the sun this nation stunned. The weight of heat requires immediate withdrawal of the shadow, it is impossible to move or even think fast. Change by a team, and enjoy the lack of clutter and noise.

Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, Tuvalu the enormous changes in recent years are nowhere more evident than on Funafuti, the capital atoll of Funafuti. The cars are bicycles and feet forward as the preferred form of transportation, and increasing population density and away from subsistence traditions are taking other problems. Meanwhile, you can join the locals taking an afternoon nap before a sunset float in the lagoon. If time is really no object, risk to the outer islands, where life is much more relaxed.