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Island of Paradise

BaliIsland of Paradise. Bali is an Indonesian island famous worldwide and known as the “Island of the Gods”. With this moniker, it’s hard to resist a trip up there and see the wonders that lie this mystical Indonesian vacation destination in the archipelago that runs between the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Beaches, palm trees, springs, forests and established customs of peoples with a culture so different and attractive. Bali is part of a chain of islands east to Lombok starts and ends at the west end, with Java. At the heart of this set, Bali has an incomparable beauty and delicious tropical climate.

From the center of the island, the hill country extends to the east coast, reaching a peak of 3142 meters on Mount Agung. This elevation is in volcanic activity, but its last eruption was recorded in 1963, and since then is constantly monitored.

Experts say some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are in Bali. With magnificent views of the natural surroundings and all kinds of services including spa, massage, swimming, hiking and local and international cuisine, these enclosures are havens to rest and enjoy a memorable holiday.

Sport is a strong point of the area. Large waves approaching the coast of the island are ideal for surfers, and beaches provide an ideal setting for relaxation. Other water sports like diving and fishing are also privileged in Bali.

Like many islands of enchanting landscapes, Bali has its romantic side. Those who have made the decision to marry, and want a ceremony like no other, this is the place: specialized companies are responsible for making all arrangements for civil and religious weddings, including costumes, hairstyles, makeup, photography , catering, cake and more.

Morro de Sao Paulo

moro de sao paolo

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The Morro de Sao Paulo is one of the most desired tropical destinations in the world, because you still have the clean sand, palm trees and spectacular warm and clear water invites you to know these beaches semidesert. Just to get an idea, the Morro is a kind of volcano, with beaches at the foot, and the houses (or “pousadas”, as locals call it) on top. So you can live at the top of the hill with fantastic scenery, and down to the beach quickly.

To make the place a destination quiet cars are prohibited in Morro do Sao Paulo. Only buggies and tractors are used to get access to the most remote, and no streets, only paths.

The beach has a good infrastructure, and in recent years has had a great development, but it is still advisable to book your accommodation before you come. No big hotels in Morro, though excellent lodges can be found in several areas of the island, especially at the top of the mountain, where you can live comfortable inns rodeades of nature and wildlife.

The best way to get to Morro do Sao Paulo is to fly to the city of Salvador, if there are direct connections from their hometown. If not due to fly to Sao Paulo, Recife and Rio de Janeiro and Salvador there. You can check the airline Varig, Gol or TAM. From Bay is accessible via Morro Catamaran, a journey of one hour.

The Catavento Praia Hotel is one of the best and most complete lodging options in the Morro do Sao Paulo. Its infrastructure is 5 estrellaso: a beautiful pool with ocean views, tennis courts, restaurant, games room. Furthermore the rooms are simply amazing because in an environment close to nature offer all the advantages of the modern world: air conditioning, minibar, safe, etc.. For all this and much more, is that Catavento Praia Hotel is one of the best options for a memorable holiday in the Morro do Sao Paulo.