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Leisure activities in Oropesa del Mar

oropesa del mar

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To enjoy during your stay in Oropesa del Mar do not forget to visit Fantasy World Theme Park. The place has several attractions that your kids will love. Safari has a train that circles around the park. There are also some mechanical animals for children to assemble. The Fantasy World Theme Park offers boat rental, activity in which adults spend a good time. It also features raffles where you can have fun and why not take one of their prizes. Also, enjoy rides, flying pans and horse racing.

Oropesa Del Mar is also known for its excellent camping. For those families who prefer camping holiday, several sites offer camping and rent a bungalow near Oropesa. These tend to be camping near the beach. They also provide common facilities like swimming pool, bar or restaurant.

Excellent beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, small natural coves, Oropesa mountains, and the mountains are around Bobalar Oropesa. It has a marina and beautiful views Columbretes Islands on a clear day. Oropesa is a little paradise of golden sand and sea in the Mediterranean. It is part of the Spanish Levante and definitely a great place to spend your holiday with friends or family!

The RenegĂ , The blaco, the beach, Marina d’Or are just some of the places in Oropesa, on the coast of Spain. There you will find beaches, shops, bars, cafe, restaurants and much more! It also borders other major cities as BenicĂ ssim, Cabanes and Music City.

Beaches, water sports, outdoor sports, delicious cuisine, cultural tourism and adventure … Oropesa is a tourist spot that offers many possibilities, from scuba diving in the deep sea Columbretes Islands, for example, for a walk along the beach Lles Amplaries, the largest beach and most extensive in this location.

To enjoy your holiday in Oropesa can choose between staying in a hotel, apartment, house, house, shed or shelter. The possibilities are endless, everything is in your hands.

Ibiza Tour

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Ibiza is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea. During the summer months, the beaches are most famous for tourists and Spanish.

If you plan to visit this beautiful place we give alternatives to do on your trip:

In the morning: Sea north or south, the streets of Ibiza you into the sea. Enjoy its white sands, reefs, rocky coves and virgin landscape. Recommended beaches are Cala Talamanca, Cala Llonga and Playa d’en Bossa, it has wonderful islets known as the Malvinas.

Mention aparate is the town of Santa Eulalia, considered one of the major tourist destinations of Ibiza. You will find the beaches of Santa Eulalia, Cala Blanca or Es Canar. Ideal for diving or fishing.

In the afternoon: Eliminate stress contemplating its beautiful coastal landscape. Another option is to visit its historic and monumental. For example, in San Juan, in addition to beautiful beaches Cave des Cuieram find where Carthaginian appreciate the temple dedicated to Goddess Tania.

At night: The charm of the Mediterranean Sea is more appreciated in the light of the lamps of the village of San Antonio Abad. In it the nightlife mix delicious drinks, good music and harmonious breeze. Excellent.