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Few countries have a tourism image for full of clich├ęs, such as Ireland. From shamrocks and leprechauns in Shillelagh, lovable rogues and 40 shades of green, there are plenty of cliches to wade through before the fight on the ground in the real Ireland.

But it is worth looking beyond tourism Community, by the Emerald Isle (sorry, not going back) is one of the jewels of Europe, a large performing arts of lake, mountain, sea and sky, which is still great enough to provide a jaw drop despite the best efforts of developers in the scar some of the most beautiful parts with tight rows of villas. From the loneliness, the wind swept desert peoples Donegal port postcard of County Cork, there are countless opportunities to get outside and explore, either surfing beach breaks of Bundoran, the cycle of the coast County Antrim, or walk through mountains of Kerry and Connemara.

There are also cultural delights, of course, in the land of Joyce and Yeats, U2 and The Undertones. Dublin, Cork and Belfast have world-class restaurants, the party-in pubs and a scene walking on foot live music while you can track jam sessions of traditional Irish music pub in places like Galway, Doolin, and Killarney. And there is a wealth of history to discover, from the numerous medieval castles and the first Christian monasteries to the powerful political murals of Belfast and Derry, and one of the largest concentrations of prehistoric monuments in Europe.

So enjoy the Guinness by all means, but put aside the forest of clubs for something and try to get a view of reality Ireland.



While it is true that Portugal is no longer best kept in the Iberian Peninsula, the secret, it’s pretty easy to escape the crowds. Even in the most popular tourist resorts of the Algarve, it only takes a short bus ride or a walk through the field to show little frequented places that still offer a sense of discovery – a sentiment close to the Portuguese soul. Portugal has an old world charm, with medieval castles and picture-perfect villages scattered along the coast and winding hills covered with flowers. Of the ancient university city of Coimbra Portuguese favorite refuge of Lord Byron, Sintra, the country’s proud history can be felt everywhere.

Sun-drenched beaches like Cascais and Sagres offer temptations of a more hedonistic. In fact, the dramatic end of the world’s wild cliffs, beaches, dunes protected coves and sand islands off the coast of Portugal has long enchanted visitors and residents alike. Meanwhile, the nation’s capital, Lisbon, and its northern rival, Porto, are magical places for the traveler, river view, cobblestone streets and rattling trams framed by looming cathedrals.

Known as the Statute of Rome of Portugal, Braga compact center is full of splendid baroque churches. Baroque churches, and the clamor of bells, are a constant reminder of what’s in charge here. In fact, Braga has been a center of religious power and the conversion of the Visigoths in the sixth century. Its cathedral, built in the 12th century as Portugal, but was fought by the Moors – is the oldest in Portugal.
But do not come alone waiting for mercy: the compact downtown pedestrian streets are bustling with cafes and worldly concerns, and students from the Universidade do Minho add except much younger.