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Angras Dos Reis

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About 150 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, in the Costa Verde is Angra Dos Reis, a small city on the continent that gives access to some 365 islands with more than 2000 beaches, this city is the starting point to reach any of its islands. These islands occupy about 193 km ², with a very different shape and size, the largest is Ilha Grande.

En route to Ilha Grande, from the spring, once on board ready to enjoy the incredible scenery from the coast of Angra Dos Reis to Ilha Grande. It is considered a paradise for all visitors with its pure nature, with more than a hundred absolutely clear water beaches.

Angra dos Reis is a city dedicated to fishing from the pier is fascinating get on a boat to go offshore reveling in spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters and incredible mansions built by famous. Also in this route can make a stop to dive, swim and appreciate the infinite amount of different colored fish that are very easy to see in this extremely clear water.


Due to the huge influx of tourists Angra Dos Reis has a large infrastructure to welcome holidaymakers, all kinds of accommodation, from hotels to resorts have their very fine cuisine restaurants also places where you can go camping. The range is very wide choice.

Angra Dos Reis is undoubtedly a complete world that invites you to enjoy a host of fun and relaxation on your vacation. It is one of the few places in the world that offers everything and more tourists. It is ideal to be traveled by sailboats, for trekking in the jungles, beaches, headlands, rocks, walk the romantic boats, schooners calls, surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing (only in specific places), and of course, healthy life relax.


The earthquake of January 2010 is the latest, and possibly the most tragic of events that have occurred in the nation impoverished island of Haiti. While failed state and the media scapegoat, Haiti has had long dark shadow to bright sunlight the rest of the Caribbean. Optimism about the imminent rebirth of Haiti has been subsumed under the horrors of the earthquake, which has resulted in tens of thousands dead and millions of displacements.

Despite the hardships that Haitians have endured in recent years, the country has maintained a welcoming spirit and pride. We can only hope that this spirit can support the people of Haiti through its recent trials, and that Haiti can finally leave his shady past, present and tragic.

Sheltered by a beautiful 3 miles across the bay, the old port of Jacmel coffee is one of the nicest cities in Haiti and quiet. Just over a couple of hours drive south of Port au Prince, is a weekend destination for residents of the city, and houses one of the best carnivals in the country every Lent. But throughout the year, Jacmel is a great place to recharge the batteries.
Part of the charm of Jacmel is due to the old town, full of mansions and warehouses of the merchants with a late Victorian grace poking behind the wrought iron balconies and peeling facades.