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The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to be Syria and those in the country out by commercial media. Please ask your government for more information.

Syria has more than its fair share of important historical sites. The ancient cities of Damascus, Aleppo and Bosra are all listed on the World Heritage List as a stunningly beautiful city is the ruins of Palmyra. Mighty Crusader castles, labyrinthine souks of medieval jewelry, like the houses of Damascus and sacred Umayyad mosques are just some of the delights on offer, there are many more for those who are willing to look. Best of all is the fact that these monuments are often part of the fabric of everyday life – the cult of the local mosques, shopping in markets, drinking tea houses and picnic in the ruins. And travelers are happy to be added.

Speaking of picnics brings us to the piece de resistance when it comes to a Syrian and Journ – food. The national cuisine is simply superb, so come with a big appetite. You are required to be filled in many ways when they finally tear away.


Tartus, Syria’s second port, is a small, ungainly that it is unlikely to set pulses racing, but what makes for a visit pleasant overnight. Main attraction of the city are the compact remnants of the Old City (known by the Crusaders in Tortosa), a fascinating little maze. There is also the island once fortified Arwad, located offshore a few miles and arrive by boat or water taxi. Syrian Tartus love for its beaches, but visitors brave enough to pick through the trash in the sand and swim to take into account the occasional dribble of sewage into the sea.

Fernando de Noronha

fernando de noronhaFernando de Noronha is a group of 21 volcanic islands 340 miles from Recife, Pernambuco, which was declared a National Marine Park since 1988, to protect vegetation as well as land and marine life.

Actually it is not correct to label as Fernando de Noronha beach, because it is actually a group of islands with many beaches, but we decided to do it on Best Beaches because it would be unfair not to include the most beautiful place in the whole country, and one of the 10 best beaches in the world in this ranking.

The largest island in Fernando de Noronha, which has the same name as the island group, has 7.1 square miles and a population of 2,100 inhabitants. Here you can find the most interesting historical sites to visit, such as the ruins of Fort of Sao Pedro, but of course the main attraction at Fernando de Noronha is its islands and beaches.

You can also find other 20 beaches near Fernando de Noronha, which are divided into those aimed at Brazil (10 beaches and Dolphin Bay) and pointing to Africa (4 beaches, many natural pools and a stream).


No country in Central Asia, seems to have everything well, but at the same time, be so bad, such as Uzbekistan. The cradle of culture region for over two millennia, is the proud home of a fascinating array of architecture and artefacts, all deeply imbued with the raw and fascinating history of the country. But as students of history know, it also emerged a few bad apples in recent years. Tyrants love for the goodness of the country’s physical ran the territory now known as Uzbekistan, since time immemorial.

Focus on the good things, if there was a Hall of Fame of the cities of Central Asia, Uzbekistan would own the top three entries: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. The names of almost the epitome of the region, evoking images of a knife-spinning dervishes, serpentine desert caravans and architecture that mixes with the sand. Seen in person, the big three does not disappoint (the occasional overzealous restoration despite the efforts). Unfortunately, sometimes overshadowed other attractions of the country, which include dazzling bazaars, ancient fortresses like Nurata, and an impressive array of natural attractions largely unknown. But at least this means you will have opportunities for hiking and adventure sports Chimgan and about himself!

All this goes a long way to outshine the bad memories evoked by names like Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nasrullah Khan and Stalin. The country of long-serving current leader, Islam Karimov, is no saint either. However, the people of Uzbekistan are still good-spirited and genuinely hospitable – another main attraction in this country, strangely endearing.