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In Gabon, it might just be in a runway full of goats, dodging forest elephants walk home from the bar, or wandering in a crudely painted dancers celebrating that goes back hundreds of years. Outside Libreville westernized, almost everything is so accessible in Gabon, which has just been recently are already off the beaten path and in the midst of a whole new world. And if by chance you are traveling with a 4WD, mechanical, cash to burn and a French dictionary, which is required to have the adventure of a lifetime. Explore this land is not a walk in a national park. The lack of infrastructure and transport will take you on long trips and bumpy, and practically costs 20 dollars just by breathing the air in the dazzling capital, Libreville.

Travel Ideal Road Trip

But you’ll be amazed at what is shaping up to be the next best African ecotourism destination. With the appointment of President El Hadj Omar Bongo, of no less than 10% of the country’s land as national parks, closing down the carpenters and miners and their openness to travelers, conservationists and ecotourists – Now possible to explore endless white sand beaches, the primacy full of tropical rainforests, rolling plains and estuaries. Probably the most beautiful country parks, Loango National Park is located on the south coast of Gabon, and is recognized by – catch! – Surf hippos. The forests of Gabon are the East, where Ivindo National Park, with its own elephant camp residents and ecological and gorillas.
Fans of nature and wildlife will not be disappointed: long hours of walking will be rewarded with the sight of wild creatures in their own pristine environment. The experience will transport you to a time when Mother Earth – not humans – reigned in the country.

Top Three Attractions in Brazil

amazonBelieve it or not, an affordable vacation package to Brazil is possible.  Most of use assume South American destinations like Brazil are far too costly to visit as a family, but the reality is the world is getting smaller – at least in terms of travel.  Let’s take a look at the top three destinations in Brazil, then it is up to you to start packing!

The Amazon River

There is the Amazon region, and then there is the Amazon River.  We recommend seeing the river itself, as the entire Amazon region is both vast and wild.  In terms of sheer volume, the Amazon river is the largest in the world, but the Nile has top spot in length – by only a few meters!  Throughout the 4000 miles of surging, flowing waters in the Amazon, there are at least 3000 known species of marine life.  However, scientists discover new species every year, one could say the Amazon is a hotbed of emerging life.  Nestled in the Amazon Basin, the entire river is surrounded by more than half of the planet’s last remaining rainforests – and they are a remarkable sight!
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