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that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends not all nonessential travel to some areas may consult with their national government in the matter.

Travel Ideal Road Trip

When a popular holiday destination on par with neighboring Morocco, Algeria, the tourism industry all but disappeared when the bitter civil war break out in 1992. After a decade of conflict, the situation improved a little, and some access to the south of the Sahara has been possible in the last couple of years. However, traveling independently, without a car is almost nonexistent, and after the kidnapping of 2003 without driver tourism travelers should be aware of the risks involved.

This shortage of visitors is a real shame because Algeria is one of the most fascinating countries of North Africa. In the dramatic classified by UNESCO n’Ajjer Tassili and Hoggar regions, near the town of Tamanrasset, the tribal culture is very much alive, and the day to day problems common to many Arab countries absent. Algiers, contains a live mix of tradition and modernity, its colonial past remains present. Timimoun city embodies the storybook oasis of the Sahara, and the cozy town of In Salah, is divided in two by a sand dune reptile.
The options for travel are limited, especially as a backpacker, but the opportunity to see even a part of this vast nation is not to be missed.

Brazil Beaches

brazil beachBrazil has 8,500 miles of beach, which gives this country an incredible variety of beaches from which to enjoy.

Everything you can think of, you could want, as you can imagine is here. Urban beaches, surrounded by bars and hotels, such as Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro. If you want something more sophisticated, you can visit the resort of Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, really impressive. In the other direction you will find beaches, very calm and very quiet, as Jericoacoara beaches on the coast near Fortaleza, Ceara, all these beaches and many more available in Brazil, find what you want, you’ll find it!.

The coastline is incredibly diverse, different landscapes and different formations along more than 8,500 kilometers, cliffs, coral reefs, small bays, dunes, natural areas and wild, more developed areas, high winds, quiet areas .. .

Wherever you always have a lot of light that also enjoy gentle sea breezes, sunshine, pleasant temperatures and waters in coconuts to take refuge in his shadow, really incredible. Brazil as a holiday destination is priceless. You can go to the beach all year round, as time permits.
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