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How to trek to Everest Base Camp

Everest has captivated intrepid men and women since 1920. The exploits of legends like George Mallory, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay put the huge mountain on the map, thousands of people have followed, making huge sacrifices – many with their lives – in their own attempts at the summit.

But today, the trek to Everest Base Camp has become an achievable goal for people from all walks of life who want a hint of the world’s highest peak. In 2012, between 35,000 and 37,000 people marched in the Everest region.

What’s it like trekking to Everest Base Camp?

Aside from stunning scenery, travelers in the region can experience unique Sherpa culture visiting monasteries and museums along the way. The days are full of walking for the sheer pleasure of it, past prayer wheels through colorful and swing bridges out of an Indiana Jones movie, while nights are rewarded with a hot meal and a conversation with people like-minded around the fire in the dining room.


The heady mix of natural beauty, fascinating culture and a sense of personal achievement and the Nepalese warm hospitality, makes the Everest Base Camp Trek one of the world’s most unforgettable.

When I have to make the trip?

From March to May and September to December. It gets hot in May, just before the monsoon season, be prepared for possible rain. Reaches zero temperatures in December, but the days are still beautiful and there is a smaller number of hikers (but remember to cherish the evenings).


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