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Stretching sun-drenched south of wild nature and majestic Pyrenees, this passionate nation works a mysterious magic. Spain is filled with hundreds of sparkling beaches, Flamenco dancers (dancers) in the whirlwind of color, ruffles and matadors (bullfighters) showcase their talents in the arenas. Summer holidays are gathered around large pots steam pan (at its best taste in Valencia) and pitchers of sangria …

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Beyond these stereotypical images, a vast panorama, unexpected unfolds before you. Emerald green mountains seem to slide into the wild blue of the Atlantic to the north. Castells proud, lonely and medieval villages scattered throughout the interior. Bright white villages in the interior of Andalusia. Mountain ranges and the rugged Sierra Nevada (Europe’s southernmost ski) are covered throughout the country. The Celtic music of Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, recalls a misty land of Britain, Scotland and Ireland.

From its Roman remains in the Muslim palaces, from the Baroque cathedrals and modernist buildings, the country is a treasure chest of artistic and architectural wonders through a unique cultural palette. Over 30 years of democracy and rapid economic development have driven cities in Spain which is decorated with shiny new ornaments. An army of local and international architects, has left a lot of bold signature buildings in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Madrid, to name a few.
Up and down the country, a zest for life creates an intense, hedonistic in their cities effervescent. In fact, if there is anything the Spanish love, which is eat, drink and be merry, if eating tapas in a fine wine in Madrid and south, or its equivalent prepared Basque Country pintxos, over cider north .


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends that all nonessential travel to some areas may consult with their national government in the matter.

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After nearly two decades of war, Liberia, a country lush rainforested covered through the southern flank of West Africa – appears to have finally found a break. With the first woman president in Africa at the head, peace, while still fragile, is taking place and Liberians have been launched with enthusiasm to the task of rebuilding their shattered land.

If Liberia is stabilized and open for travel, intrepid adventurers who offer a fascinating insight into what was previously a wonderfully hospitable society, enigmatic and fascinating. The artistic traditions of Liberia – especially carved masks, dance and storytelling – rivaled those of any place on the continent, and traditional culture was strong. This was especially true in the interior, where initiation secret societies played a central role in growth, and still serve as important reservoirs of traditional knowledge and life skills. For now, most of this cultural wealth remains inaccessible to visitors, and travel independently outside the capital Monrovia in the country is not considered safe.

Dense forests of Liberia, wet, some of the largest in West Africa – are alive with the chirping and singing of hundreds of birds, which are maintained by the company of forest elephants, pygmy hippos and other species filling wildlife throughout the forest floor. Along the coast, deserted white sandy beaches alternate with river deltas and tidal wetlands quiet lagoons, while increasing the interior of the plateau green mountains on the border of Ivory Coast and Guinea.

Although the situation is definitely looking up, it is advisable to obtain updated information on local security conditions before their plans.


Travel to Romania, newest member of the EU, it’s like to be somewhere between an eternal Halloween and the Led Zeppelin IV cover that features a sprig of transport for farmers. Even in cities where Audi zoom through roads where speed traps with video camera, we define the life of Romania for his country sweetheart. Most anywhere, you’ll spot horse-drawn buggies crossing the roads (often cratered) paved – up green mountains beyond haystacks and cone-shaped flocks of sheep – which bounce as if along the roads themselves are alien to the earth. And then there’s that thing of Dracula. Many visitors, drawn by chilling tales make full travel, castles of Transylvania and lovely medieval Saxon towns like Sighisoara, where Dracula real “(Vlad Tepes), was first teeth.

But travelers who merely chasing vampires miss much. The capital, Bucharest, has its critics, but the blend of grotesque communist monuments and purposefully hidden away cathedrals makes it fascinating to explore. Excellent hiking, biking and skiing are found throughout the Transylvanian Alps (also known as the Carpathian Mountains), which are curved in the center of Romania. House B & B allows guests to enjoy a little people’s lives, particularly in the pastoral paradise of Maramures and Bucovina South, where cemeteries and monasteries are painted as boldly as pop-art paintings.

Moldova, Romania neighbor – a difficult place to visit, but just as fascinating – not closer to the EU that when the Soviet Union collapsed, largely because they still live as if this never happened. Russian is commonly spoken here and its renegade province, Transnistria, while supporting a communist government. Adding a few days in this Cold War timewarp on a trip to the ways of vampires from Romania and Alp-like slopes is easily one of the most interesting and least understood, of Europe. Go now, before it changes.


Iasi (pronounced “Yash”) has an energy and depth of character that would be giddy moment if you had the power to see through concrete. Those without this allocation will need a few days to identify the many pleasures of the second largest city of Romania. Iaşi past as the capital of Moldova (since 1565) has resulted in a city dotted with fabulous buildings, important monasteries, parks and unpretentious cultural treasures. As one of the largest cities of the university in Romania, apparently doubles in population during the academic year when students across the country, flooding the streets with a liveliness that defies its position in one of the poorest provinces Romania. The young and cosmopolitan, fueled in part by thousands of foreign students, is quickly extinguished the lingering socialist ways and cavalier attitude of the service industry of the city. On the other hand, is the perfect staging area for travelers heading to Moldova, 20 km.