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Kyrgyzstan is tucked into Central Asia’s geographical vortex amid a massive knot of colliding mountain ranges. Monster mountains and valleys associated squalid, glaciers, ice streams and lakes of blue dominate over 90% of the country. Of hiking or horseback riding? Just choose a wide – not much to choose from – like the Pamir Alay Range in the Alai Valley or the Central Tian Shan. In true nomadic style, spend the nights camping under a starry sky full of people or the bed in a yurt. Be warned though, the Kyrgyz are renowned for their hospitality and guests are often treated with fermented mare’s milk and bowls of fresh yogurt.

In fact, nomadic traditions are alive and well in Kyrgyzstan. You can take the hills around Lake Issyk-Kol, the earth’s second largest alpine lake, with a formation of an eagle to hunt rabbits or cheer wildly with locals during a game of kok Boru, a fierce battle riding the drivers fight each other the body of a headless goat. Lake Song-Kol in the center of Kyrgyzstan is a similar place picturesque, ideal for camping and meet shepherds who bring their animals here in the summer months.

Local cash-strapped, struggling Eek life in post-communist Asia, tourism has become for help. The creation of sustainable projects are revolutionizing the travel budget, pushing Kyrgyzstan to the forefront of tourism in the community and bring some extra money for families. On the contrary, now that the long arm and inflexible Russian law is no longer on the scene, corruption of officials and political turmoil are part of everyday life.
Kyrgyzstan may be small, can often be overlooked, but, like players in a game of kok Boru, this tenacious nation packs a powerful punch yet can get away with the award as more attractive and accessible republic Central Asia.


What we’re talking about here is the handle on a case of Canadian beer – big enough to fit your hands, even with gloves on. If you think it’s impressive, consider Canada’s other mondo attributes. Its terrain is full of them, of the gigantic mountains of huge glaciers of immense polychromatic skies. Then there are the creatures that roam the land and its channels – Grizzly Bear, moose, polar bears, humpback whales, each Huger than the last.

Canada is impossible not to like it, but go ahead and give it a shot. I do not like festival-packed cities like Toronto and Montreal that offer the best quality of life world? Then take a double dose of history in St. John’s, the oldest city in North America. Do not love the prospect of hiking, skiing or snowboarding in the mountains that stand in the cloud of Banff and Jasper National Parks? Try a slow journey through the prairies waving wheat in the province. Want a lighter Noshir Alberta beef or Nunavut whale blubber? Collect ripe peaches and cheese from local farmers markets, the Kelowna.

And it’s a wonder everyone is so nice, considering the weather. It’s cold, cold as the coldest world’s-country (based on average temperatures nationally), which explains the case of beer is responsible for mitten size. Capture, a city in Yukon, recorded the coldest temperature ever in North America: less 62.8 ° C.
Voltaire may have income in Canada as “a few acres of snow” in the mid-18th century, but these few acres of have released large amounts of oil, timber and other natural resources, which in turn have driven Canada a very enviable standard of living.


The secret is out: with its beautiful scenery, cosmopolitan cities and vibrant culture, Argentina is a paradise for travelers. It extends nearly 3,500 miles from Bolivia to the tip of South America, covers a wide variety of geography and climate, and is about the size of India. Nature lovers can tour the Patagonian steppe, climbing the highest peak in South America, thousands of penguins walk and witness the most impressive waterfalls in the world. Hikers can enjoy the stunning scenery of the lush region of lakes – lakes and mountains with glorious white tip – and sampling the glaciers of Patagonia cut and painted landscapes Andean deserts. City Slickers will adore fabulous Buenos Aires, full of opportunities to learn Spanish, watch football (soccer), sultry tango and interact with dynamic and beautiful locals (residents of Buenos Aires). You’ll be out to buy designer clothes at affordable prices and eat the best beef in the world every holiday, while in the clubs all night.

Argentina celebrates its bicentennial in 2010, delighting in the 200 years of independence from Spain. Expect to visit various museums and recently renovated buildings such as the famous Teatro Colon closed popular excursions for more than two years during the facelift.

Argentina is safe, friendly and – compared to Europe or the U.S. – very affordable. Now is a good time to visit, so his spirit in the team and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!
The Argentines can justly claim the highest peak in Latin America (Aconcagua), its greatest width of the street (July 9) and perhaps its most beautiful capital, but its beaches are nothing special. However, while the wealthy Buenos Aires to Uruguay and Brazil for the summer, most people go to the chain of resorts that dot the Atlantic coast.


Iceland is literally a country in training, a large volcanic laboratory where the powerful forces shape the land and reduce the size of a speck surprised. Country’s natural eruptions, the characteristics of the lava, geysers Geysir effusive as the Golden Circle (the original after all they were called), hot springs, cracks and tears and slow grinding glaciers are so cinematic that it sometimes seems unreal . Want to swim in the turquoise pools, standing behind a waterfall to overthrow or walk through a layer of white ice to experience dazzling full strangeness of nature in Iceland.

The landscape is contagious: the hidden energy and a desire to shape the world are the features of Iceland. Bohemian village chief Seyðisfjörður the East, and never miss vibrant Reykjavik. That the net capital, little green, contain higher concentrations of the world of dreamers, writers, poets and musicians, you will play in high spirit runtur, City pub crawl weekend conference. Creatures of Iceland are larger than life as well: there is no better place on earth to come face to face with whales elegant and spitting in Husavik. Flutter By little and puffins bill in their millions along the cliffs towering above the sea.

Located at the head of a fjord, Akureyri is a bustling, cosmopolitan city of Iceland second. Although still a long way behind the capital in terms of population and facilities, excellent selection of museums, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that differentiates it from sleeping cities, rural areas are found in other parts of Iceland.
Snow-capped peaks rise behind the city and through the flower boxes in the city, trees and landscaped gardens belie city location just a stone throw from the Arctic Circle. With a lively summer festival, some of Iceland’s best winter skiing, and a relaxed and easy, which is the natural base for exploring Eyjafjördur and east of Myvatn.