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Bahrain is defined by its relationship with water. Take the name of the country: the two seas “in Arabic, the approach is not too low on the island, but the water adjacent to their coasts. Therefore it is shallow, the water lapping the coast of Bahrain that people regularly “recover” the pieces of land, occupying the space between the sand bars, as if recovering the lost territories. The new Bahrain Financial Harbour in Manama is rising like Neptune as reclaimed land, buildings and proud, as the twin towers appear to be holding back the sea. Of course land reclamation in the Gulf has become the fashion. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Doha and Muscat have ambitious projects involving a sea domesticated in a human landscape. Only Bahrain, however, can claim a truly integral connection between the two: the freshwater springs that bubble off the coast helped nearly 4000 years of colonization, the layers that are exposed in countries rich in sites archaeological around the island. The springs also encouraged the brightest of pearls – the trade in which he helped build early fortunes of the island.

Like an oyster, Bahrain’s rough exterior takes some surprisingly open, but worth the effort. From the excellent National Museum in Manama and Muharraq traditional houses of the burial mounds extraordinary Sar, there are many good places to visit. For more modern pearls, is the spectacular Bahrain World Trade Centre, King Fahd Causeway and the new project of islands in the far south. Presumably, the engineers have factor in the projected effects of global warming or sea can still have the last word.

Manama means “sleeping place”, but with a central, their last minute shopping, and lively bars and nightclubs, it is difficult to see when the city has the opportunity to sleep. Manama is a bird of the night and people gather on weekends for a nice dinner and a drink out of service. For those who prefer an early start to a long night, but the town is quite sleepy during the day, and it is unlikely that there will be more than one queue to the excellent National Museum of Bahrain.
One of the best nightlife in Bahrain. It plays a mix of world music, house, R & B, hip hop and Latin rhythms.

Serious clubbers night has to collect the detailed Bahrain Hotel and Restaurant Guide, which lists the bars and clubs. Live shows are listed in “Nitelife ‘of Bahrain this month, and in the papers is English.


Looking at modern Qatar, is easy to imagine the great Oriental scholar, Edward Said, turning in his grave. Nineteenth-century Western travelers in the Middle East was in search of an imaginary Arabia. When they could find, which describes an East who thought their readers prefer reality. Even today, it is tempting to go for these stereotypes and Qatar has its share: rock paintings bear witness to human endurance in tune with the adversities of nature, strengths, alluding to the ruins of the empire, and occasionally goat hair Bedouin tents to suggest the ‘noble savage’ nature of life in the desert.

Qatar has spent his energy (and considerable fortune) in setting aside the stereotype, however, and demonstrating that these “Orientalist” flights of fancy are more a product of the fevered imagination of the West of everything related to the East. To this end, vertical great “pleasure” domes of the postmodern variety have been erected in Doha to show that the country is as international as any. At least that was until recently. Suddenly, the wind tower developments such as Al-Sharq Village Resort & Spa claiming to be “genuinely Arabic ‘corridors’ old’ Al Souq Waqif sports, tented accommodation in Khor al-Adaid comes with air conditioning.

Qatar, in other words, seems to be reinventing himself in the image of the fantasy of “otherness” of the West. For the visitor, which is wonderful: everything you imagined of Arabia is there in all its splendor sterilized. To those who knew the hawk Qatar’s souks and dust storms, however, it is suspected that this country is becoming Disney.
It is strange to see a great city in making these days. It would be wrong to represent New York Doha as a latter-day New: most of the new development has a heart, but has not yet acquired a soul. But that will come as more people in Doha, fascinated by the coverage he received during the Asian Games in 2006 and bringing with them the environment that puts the “city” in buildings. Or should be buildings with capital “B” to these new goliaths capture the intangible sense of growth and prosperity, optimism and vision when walking by the old souks and malls alike new, or see Doha families strolling the grounds of luxury resorts in the city. “Watch this space” could have been a good motto for Doha a few years ago, “enjoy this space” is probably a better motto for today as the city begins to fill his shoes, leaving a lot of great green spaces to start your own.