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Slip on the matching, hear the sound of the waves broken only by the successful “processor” from coconuts falling on the golden sands and get rid of your watch in the preparation of ‘island time. “The Pacific has a way of thinking of all his family. its grandeur is large enough to hold all your dreams of idyllic diving around coral atolls, slow night sunset cocktails and distilled with beautiful beaches enough to send the visitor a more pronounced catatonia of relaxation.

In Tuvalu, the controversial bad boy small super-chic Fiji French Polynesia, the family of the Pacific Islands is a diverse group. And you can choose how you will become familiar with the diverse audience. Many opt for resorts in major centers such as Fiji, Vanuatu or cooks, or dive into another world, diving among the coral and marine life dazzling magic that makes Nemo looks like a goldfish pale.

But there are other ways to discover the Pacific. You might confuse about lost civilizations in the middle of the icons of Easter Island and see why Fletcher Christian of the Bounty jumped for the remote paradise island of Pitcairn. Why do not you look bold and active volcanoes, or put on your pith helmet to walk in lush forests? Then there are the wrecks to dive, the Bohemian capital to explore and mentioned that a cocktail with at least a couple of tropical fruit that is required?
Be careful whose advice on vaccinations and other health problems be given by the embassies or travel agencies, especially if they say they “are not necessary vaccines.” What they mean is that you will ask for immunization records when triggered at the border, not that you do not need the blows of his own protection.

Brazil Beaches

brazil beachBrazil has 8,500 miles of beach, which gives this country an incredible variety of beaches from which to enjoy.

Everything you can think of, you could want, as you can imagine is here. Urban beaches, surrounded by bars and hotels, such as Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro. If you want something more sophisticated, you can visit the resort of Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, really impressive. In the other direction you will find beaches, very calm and very quiet, as Jericoacoara beaches on the coast near Fortaleza, Ceara, all these beaches and many more available in Brazil, find what you want, you’ll find it!.

The coastline is incredibly diverse, different landscapes and different formations along more than 8,500 kilometers, cliffs, coral reefs, small bays, dunes, natural areas and wild, more developed areas, high winds, quiet areas .. .

Wherever you always have a lot of light that also enjoy gentle sea breezes, sunshine, pleasant temperatures and waters in coconuts to take refuge in his shadow, really incredible. Brazil as a holiday destination is priceless. You can go to the beach all year round, as time permits.
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