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Brazil Tourism

brazil tourism

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Come to Brazil to have the best vacation you imagined. In this wonderful South American spot you have contact with the most varied in the world, enjoy the joy of the Brazilian people, live in a big football party with the best players of the world and you can spend hours of madness in one of the most popular festivals around the globe: The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

The wonderful destinations and stunning attractions of Brazil

Brazil, for its size and mestizaje, has many attractions that fall short of their expectations. In Rio de Janeiro can find numerous attractions such as the Christ the Redeemer, located in Guanabra. You can also find wonderful beaches with all the services you need to have a great time. The best known are the beach of Ipanema, Arpoador and Copacabana. Enjoy the beautiful mountain climbing adventure as the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado, or even appreciating the wonderful Iguazu Falls.

Enjoy! Brazilian delicious food in the best places

Brazil has many restaurants with typical food and international food. The enormous biodiversity of the country included in the letters of the most renowned restaurants, numerous dishes with influence of African cuisine, native and Portuguese. Try Aipim, and delight your palate with the savory Virado Paulista. Have the young men of the day and the recommendations will bring the tasty Picanha or casquinha, very popular in restaurants near the beach areas.

Brazilian traditions and festivities

Brazil is a land full of color and joy. Share with the friendly people of different localities the din of traditional festivals. Most prominent are the Feast of Saints Amaro and celebration of Our Lord of Nazaré. If you want absolute fun in the world’s biggest party, you should go to the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro to witness how the city is decked out in an extravaganza of music, color and dance.

Copacobana Beach

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The Copacabana beach is probably the most famous beach in Brazil, and why not, the world. But what makes this beach are so famous? First, it is one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the marvelous city, home to the Christ Redeemer, symbol of Brazil. But besides that, Copacabana is a wide beach 4 km long, framed by the hills of Rio de Janeiro and where millions of Cariocas (Rio residents) attend enjoy what Brazilians want most: beach, sun, beer and beautiful women in bikinis.

It is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Brazil, and therefore has all the necessary infrastructure to serve many customers. Restaurants, pubs, street vendors, countless beach volleyball courts, and a unique vortex makes Copacabana in New York to the beaches, where everything happens, where the Cariocas socialize, live and enjoy the beauty of its waters.

Steeped in the rhythm of Samba, Copacabana beach is presented as the ideal way to meet and make contact with Brazilians. And of course, when the sun goes down or when it is too strong, you can visit all the tourist attractions that Rio de Janeiro offers: Christ the Redeemer, the Botanical Gardens, the legendary Maracana stadium and more.


Getting to Copacabana is quite simple: most of the world’s cities have a direct connection with Rio de Janeiro, and once there, we’re in Copacabana.

Otherwise, there are several daily flights between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which can be used to get to Copacabana.

The 4 kms from Copacabana Beach are crowded hotel options of all kinds, of which more than 20 of them are 5 stars, of which the most famous is the Copacabana Palace.

Further from the beach you can find famous inns and l

Top Three Attractions in Brazil

amazonBelieve it or not, an affordable vacation package to Brazil is possible.  Most of use assume South American destinations like Brazil are far too costly to visit as a family, but the reality is the world is getting smaller – at least in terms of travel.  Let’s take a look at the top three destinations in Brazil, then it is up to you to start packing!

The Amazon River

There is the Amazon region, and then there is the Amazon River.  We recommend seeing the river itself, as the entire Amazon region is both vast and wild.  In terms of sheer volume, the Amazon river is the largest in the world, but the Nile has top spot in length – by only a few meters!  Throughout the 4000 miles of surging, flowing waters in the Amazon, there are at least 3000 known species of marine life.  However, scientists discover new species every year, one could say the Amazon is a hotbed of emerging life.  Nestled in the Amazon Basin, the entire river is surrounded by more than half of the planet’s last remaining rainforests – and they are a remarkable sight!
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