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Bahia Beach

bahia beach

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Bahia has always been the paradigm Brazilian beautiful beaches, the bohemian, the caipirinha, carnival and football. This destination is directly associated with the joy of the Brazilians, even when it comes to Bay Airport is a sign that reads: “Smile, you are in Bahia.” And of course millions of tourists every year come to discover the beauty of beaches like Porto Seguro and Trancoso among others.

Furthermore, Salvador stroll and meet the famous historic district Ourinho Hair is an excellent enjoyment as one can observe local customs and culture and in turn combines perfectly with the coastal activity.

And of course, if you visit during Carnival Bay, you can enjoy a very different kind of carnival to Rio de Janeiro, because here there are no floats parading while viewers watch, but they are huge electric trio (large buses ) where the famous rhythm groups “ax” played as the crowd behind them crazy dance in the famous “cordões”. That is, a much more participatory carnival which takes place next to the sea.

One of the most spectacular beaches of Bahia is definitely Arraial D’Ajuda, featuring a jungle environment to their own beaches, and an impressive water park with the family to enjoy. Nearby, Pitinga Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Brazil for its sandy walls waterfront.

And of course, visit the Morro do Sao Paulo is a must if you visit Bay: this volcano-shaped island offers stunning beaches and nightlife hilarious. And we must not forget either of two stunning beaches: Playa de Fora and Taipus Do Forte.

So if going to Brazil, Bahia know can be an unforgettable experience not to be missed.


Mozambique is an up-and-coming African hot spots, beautiful beaches, excellent diving and magical islands. Go diving around the Bazaruto Archipelago, sail on a dhow through mangrove channels or relax under the palms in the Quirimbas Archipelago, taking an off-beat safari in the wilds of Gorongosa National Park, walking the cobblestone streets past stately colonial buildings on Ilha de Mozambique, a coffee bar in one of the lively outdoor cafes in Maputo (or perhaps a caipirinha in one of the jazz bars), see the silversmiths at work at Ibo Island or dance to country music brand marrabenta.

For nearly two decades, many of these attractions were inaccessible because of a prolonged guerrilla war. Now are dark times in the past, and Mozambique is one of the rising stars of Africa, with an upbeat atmosphere, markets full of 2,500 kilometers and a coastline waiting to be discovered. If you are willing to something tamer, stick to the south of Mozambique, where roads and communication routes (especially with neighboring South Africa) are good and plentiful housing options. For more adventure, head across the Zambezi River in the jungles of northern Mozambique, one of the last frontiers of Africa. Getting around here a while, but the paradisiacal coastal panoramas and sense of space, pure adventure and travel – for those with a healthy budget – some of the lodges on the mainland of the island paradise to make the trip licas well worth it.