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No place like Hungary (Magyarország). Located in the heart of Europe, this kidney-shaped country can claim a unique place in the soul of the continent. Those who doubt this should listen to the music of Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók, see the romantic Danube River and dramatically divides Budapest into two or taste of the nation unique (and paprika-infused) cuisine to convince. The impact of Hungary in Europe’s history and development has been much greater than its current size and population would suggest. The Hungarians, who call themselves Magyars, speak a language and form a culture unlike any other in the region – a distinction that has been a source of pride and an obstacle to more than 1100 years.

Hungary is the best place to go into both Central and Eastern Europe. While some of its neighbors can have a spectacular landscape or monuments oldest and most important, Hungary abounds in things to see and do, and those with special interests – fishing, horseback riding, botany, bird watching, biking, hot springs , Jewish culture – is a treasure here. Under the former communist regime, most of the orientation of the government and the money went to Budapest. As a result, foreign visitors rarely ventured beyond this splendid city to the river Danube, except on a day trip to the Danube Bend or Lake Balaton. These sites should be visited, of course, but do not ignore other cities and regions off the beaten track: the Vilagut Tanya (the farm in the world) of the South Flat, ethnically rich northeastern Hungary, the hills south of Transdanubia covered Villány vineyards and traditional Őrségi region in the far west.

The 90 star was not a time for the republic reborn. Its economic development was in limbo and the serious economic problems that affected all aspects of daily life. Fortunately, these days have passed and many are now Hungary, with his intelligent and hardworking people, and rich and vibrant culture, as the star performer and the most interesting destination in the new Europe.


About 45km south of Kalocsa on the banks of the Danube, is of Baja California, a town best known as a holiday and sports center. It is a perfect place to relax during the summer, the beaches and flooded forests full of banks, and the city itself gets a good balance between rest and activity. It is also famous for its fish soup, a local blend of carp, pike perch, catfish and ubiquitous species paprika.


It is a curious observation about travel to Oman that the time to put behind a sand dune and start up your tent, however, discreetly, someone will park on the side and start camping too. No matter who is the only car I’ve seen all day, no matter that there are 2,700 kilometers of empty beaches, no matter what the mountains are just the parts that wolves and hedgehogs only bend at night, and never mind that memories of Thesiger are the evocations of life only to issue from the dunes of the Empty Quarter-the one car per day and find his next camp.

What makes this particular observation today is that a relatively short time that a network of highways and roads gradual, as the road from the coast of Shwaymiyah filim, track or mountain adventure in the ancient tombs in Gaylah, has possible to enter Oman’s unspoiled and most visited loved. Muscat has been a hub port for many years, and today is the culmination of everything from products to cruise ships. In the Sharqiya region you will discover some of the main attractions of Oman, as well as the beautiful beaches of South implantation sites of turtles in Ras Al-Jinz and dunes of the Sharqiya desert (Wahiba) Sands.

Those who are bold enough to get off the beaten track will find that the desert can be very easily themselves without mounting a major expedition. Now that the secret to a great unspoiled beauty of Oman, however, probably will not be long before that group visits are a common sight and no longer necessary to seek the company of strangers, at the end of the exploration of a days.
Meanwhile, what would you tell people happy camper parks in ‘their space’? Like all Omani hospital will match on your travels will tell you, there is only one answer: “Ahlan wa salan Welcome! ‘


Guatemala is a magical place. If you are in the Maya Mountains, markets or a million other things, that is bound to be captivated. People come and stay. Or, leave and return. There is almost too much here, and even the shortest journey that leads to completely different places, with new challenges and surprises. Spanish students come to Antigua, a city nestled between three volcanoes, while travelers looking for more unusual destinations, please contact via little-known places such as Lake Izabal or Nebaj, a Mayan village hidden in a fold the distance the mountains of the Cuchumatanes. And sooner or later, almost all end up in the Highlands – Lake Atitlan is a compelling drawcard …

Guatemala’s Mayan heritage is everywhere. Remote archaeological sites in the Petén is unavoidable, the fascinating city of Chichicastenango adheres to pre-Hispanic beliefs and rituals, even now. St. Lucia Cotzumalguapa, however, offers a glimpse into the mysterious Pipil culture, with some stone heads and scenes carved relief interesting are in the fields and fincas (plantations) in the city.

Sure, of Guatemala, has its problems (most visible in its sprawling capital, Guatemala City), but not the place for fear of his mother fears whatsoever. Travel here once dangerous and uncomfortable, now characterized by ease – you can do almost anything you want, and only limited by your imagination.
In all the long and serious discussions about where to get off the beaten track in Guatemala, you can be sure that the name of Antigua and Barbuda does not arise. This is fantasy – what the country would look like if the Scandinavians came in and took over a couple of years. It is a place where power lines run underground, building codes are met, the garbage is collected, traffic diversion and stray dogs “disappear” mysteriously in the middle of the night.