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For centuries the world has wondered what to believe about Russia. The country has been reported variously as a land of incredible wealth and poverty indescribable cruel tyrants and great minds, generous hospitality and meddlesome bureaucracy, beautiful ballets and industrial monsters, godly faith and unbridled hedonism. These eternal truths Russians live in equally diverse landscapes of the frozen tundra beaches and sun-kissed, silver birch and fir forests dense and deep, mysterious lakes, snow capped mountains and rolling meadows, those famous steppes. Factor of ancient fortresses, palaces, churches and luxurious swirly spire lost in time of the peoples of wood and you begin to see why Russia is simply amazing.

To get the most from Russia, is the head of the beaten track. After taking in the old favorites like the dynamics of Moscow, St. Petersburg historic and beautiful Lake Baikal dive deeper into the world’s largest country. Visit the sandy beaches and golden season of the old Prussian Kranz, now known as Zelenogradsk in the westernmost region of Kaliningrad, the charming village of Volga River Gorodets, home of popular artists and cake bakers honey Elista fascinating, unique in Europe Buddhist enclave and the location of the City Chess Crazy, mausoleums Dargavs 400 years, ‘City of the Dead’ in North Ossetia, or the hot springs of Kamchatka Nalychevo Valley in the Russian Far East.

Russia’s vast geographical distances and cultural differences mean that no tick of its most outstanding in the way you a smaller country, and the Russian Far East, for example, is the size of Europe. A more sensible approach is to see Russia as a set of countries, each deserves exploration. In a transit through Moscow, has direct flights to a regional center of Irkutsk, to have a vacation of Eastern Siberia, or in Yekaterinburg to explore the mountains of the Urals.
If places of cultural and architectural interest are what you are looking for, stick to European Russia, which is all the country west of the Urals. If you do not mind occasionally rough and are looking for outdoor Russia, train the eye in the vast spaces of Siberia and the Far East. On the other hand, increase your adrenaline on the ski resorts of the country, best friends and the rivers of the raft. You can also get a bird’s eye view of everything from the cockpit of a MiG-25 unique experience or even from outer space, and getting beaten up in a horn (traditional steam bath).


No country in Central Asia, seems to have everything well, but at the same time, be so bad, such as Uzbekistan. The cradle of culture region for over two millennia, is the proud home of a fascinating array of architecture and artefacts, all deeply imbued with the raw and fascinating history of the country. But as students of history know, it also emerged a few bad apples in recent years. Tyrants love for the goodness of the country’s physical ran the territory now known as Uzbekistan, since time immemorial.

Focus on the good things, if there was a Hall of Fame of the cities of Central Asia, Uzbekistan would own the top three entries: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. The names of almost the epitome of the region, evoking images of a knife-spinning dervishes, serpentine desert caravans and architecture that mixes with the sand. Seen in person, the big three does not disappoint (the occasional overzealous restoration despite the efforts). Unfortunately, sometimes overshadowed other attractions of the country, which include dazzling bazaars, ancient fortresses like Nurata, and an impressive array of natural attractions largely unknown. But at least this means you will have opportunities for hiking and adventure sports Chimgan and about himself!

All this goes a long way to outshine the bad memories evoked by names like Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nasrullah Khan and Stalin. The country of long-serving current leader, Islam Karimov, is no saint either. However, the people of Uzbekistan are still good-spirited and genuinely hospitable – another main attraction in this country, strangely endearing.