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Simply superlative – this is Bolivia. The nation’s highest, most isolated and most rugged of the hemisphere. It is among the coldest of the earth warmer, the most windy and erotic. Is among the driest, saltiest swampiest and natural landscapes in the world. Although the poorest country in South America (Bolivia and a little child gets tired of hearing this), is also one of the richest in terms of natural resources. It is also the most indigenous country in South America, with over 60% of the population claims indigenous heritage, including Aymara, Quechua, Guarani and over 30 different ethnic groups. Bolivia has it all … except, that is, to the beaches.

This landlocked country has the highest peaks of the Cordillera Real around Sorata and the salt flats of Uyuni hallucinogenic, the rainforests of the Amazon basin and wildlife rich pastures of the Southeast. Incomparable beauty is reflected in its vibrant indigenous cultures, colonial cities such as Sucre and Potosi, and the murmurs of ancient civilizations. This is exactly what attracts visitors, and with good reason. Bolivia is now well and truly on the radar of travelers, opportunities for cultural activities and adventure and exploring off-the-beat-trail have skyrocketed. But while most travelers stick to the beaten track of the Altiplano, there are many things found elsewhere, including the tropical regions of eastern and southern lowlands.

Social and political fronts in Bolivia have been in flux since the appointment of the country’s first indigenous president. Optimism is generally high, especially among the indigenous majority, although many changes are afoot. The protests, marches and demonstrations are a permanent part of the amazing landscape of the country. This is a truly extraordinary. Put on your glasses high altitude, take a deep breath (or three) and live superlatively.


La Paz is dizzying in all aspects, not only for its well-publicized altitude (3660m), but for its peculiar beauty. Most travelers come into this extraordinary city scattered across the plains of the great city of El Alto, an approach that hides the sensational surprises over the valley. The first vision of Peace literally breathless. The buildings of the city, clinging to the sides of the canyon and spill spectacularly downwards. On a clear day, the imposing showy, snowy Mt Illimani (6402m) to the bottom flat.

Top Three Attractions in Brazil

amazonBelieve it or not, an affordable vacation package to Brazil is possible.  Most of use assume South American destinations like Brazil are far too costly to visit as a family, but the reality is the world is getting smaller – at least in terms of travel.  Let’s take a look at the top three destinations in Brazil, then it is up to you to start packing!

The Amazon River

There is the Amazon region, and then there is the Amazon River.  We recommend seeing the river itself, as the entire Amazon region is both vast and wild.  In terms of sheer volume, the Amazon river is the largest in the world, but the Nile has top spot in length – by only a few meters!  Throughout the 4000 miles of surging, flowing waters in the Amazon, there are at least 3000 known species of marine life.  However, scientists discover new species every year, one could say the Amazon is a hotbed of emerging life.  Nestled in the Amazon Basin, the entire river is surrounded by more than half of the planet’s last remaining rainforests – and they are a remarkable sight!
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