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It is true, Liechtenstein makes a fabulous wine and cheese hour trivia subject – I knew it was the sixth-smallest country … Although ruled by an iron will monarch who lives in a Gothic castle on a hill … Yes, right? really is the world’s largest producer of dentures … But if you visit the principality of pocket just for bragging rights cocktail, keep the undercover operation. This theme park micronation has its independence seriously and shuddered at the thought of being considered for the novelty value alone. Liechtenstein will not be remembered for its stunning natural beauty.

It measures only 25 miles long and 6 miles wide, the country is almost bigger than Manhattan. And although it may not seem much more on a map, close is full of numerous hiking and cycling trails that offer spectacular views of cliffs, picturesque villages, friendly people and lush green forests.

Liechtenstein visit from December to April for skiing, and from May to October for sightseeing and hiking. All alpine resorts, but closed in late April, May and November.
Liechtenstein has no military service and his tiny army (80 men!) Was dissolved in 1868. It is best known for wine production, postage stamps, dentures (an important export product) and its tax haven status. In 2000, financial institutions and policies of Liechtenstein were shaken by allegations that money laundering was rife in the country. In response to international outrage, the banks agreed to stop allowing customers to bank money anonymously. However, it remains under pressure to introduce more reforms.