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If you could travel through a single European country, which would you choose? Italy? France? Germany? How about a little three in one? This can only mean Switzerland!

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Known as the paradise of summer and winter sports (just look at the bright white of 4000 plus Alpine peaks and sparkling lakes), Switzerland is where people first skied for fun. Illustrious names evoke all the romance and drama of the glamorous life of high mountains: Zermatt, St. Moritz, Interlaken, Gstaad, the Jungfrau, Verbier and more. Cities like Geneva (the most cosmopolitan), Zürich (the loudest), Basel and Lausanne pull with the artistic and exciting nightlife sometimes incendiary.

Beyond the elegance of après-ski, edelweiss and Heidi is a complex country of living cultures. Not only has four languages ​​(Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch), but cultural variety to match. You might be munching sausages to beer in a OOM-pah-pah Stübli one day and pasta with a glass of merlot in a granite cave below. And if the excess becomes a problem to try one of the hot springs of the country, Yverdon-les-Bains to Scuol.

The greatness of the best churches, like the cathedrals of Lausanne and Bern, contrasts with the sparkling treasures, but less known, such as fresh or complex Müstair the abbey of St. Gallen (both World Heritage sites).

The list of enchanting towns is endless: from Lucerne with its covered bridge Neuchâtel and its fountains, from Gruyères with its cheese, and Grimentz with its traditional wooden houses of sgraffito-blazoned buildings of Engadine Scuol cities as and Zuoz.
Whether visiting the remotest Ticino villages or sampling of the best wines of the Valais, Switzerland, find a box of chocolates filled with unexpected


Ok, so wee, peaceful Slovakia is one of the most publicized. Big mistake. Here, you can climb alpine peaks in eastern Slovakia, as the High Tatras, explore a castle on top of a cliff Trenčín, skiing in Mala Fatra National Park and sit in the most ancient city cafes and rear may be in Bratislava. Having left his disheveled, was a Communist cocoon in time to welcome a horde of addicts low cost airline, the increasing number of flights and EU membership costs have risen in the capital. Out of town and you will find traditional villages, wonderful trails and prices a fraction of Western Europe.

If you focus on the compact historic center, you’ll see cobblestoned roads, pedestrian plazas, pastel 18th-century rococo buildings and street cafes galore. Expand your gaze and you can not miss the bizarre and Institutional communist housing blocks beyond construction. An age-old castle shares the skyline With A 1970s UFO-like bridge. And that ‘s Bratislava: a mix of new, old and older. All of Which is worth a look.

As post-EU-membership investment pour in, the whir of construction equipment in all barracks That signals Slovakia ‘s capital is growing. The city has a buzz to it: beautiful people wearing black flock to the eatery as soon Newest chichi as it opens. Weekend nights it’d rather odd if you see a gang golden Did two of non-Slovak-speaking Blok Wandering around the Streets of the old town. There ‘s something a bit about the Reckless Development, though. Zoning laws are largely ignored, and an odd mix of antireform-minded parties Took Control of the parliament in June 2006.
Who knows what the town will be like in a FEW years, But for now the old center is supremely strollable. Amble around the mazelike pedestrian Alley, stopping for a coffee – an adult beverage gold two gold – in cafes along the way. Hike up to the city castle (gold head out to the suburbs to see Devin castle). You may want to pop Into a museum if it ‘s raining, But Otherwise the best thing to do is just to take in the Different views, it all changes as events Before Your Eyes.