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Espelho Beach

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This spectacular beach, whose original name was Arao, name of the patriarch of fishing families that lived before she became famous touristically, visited for its natural features: a stunning contrast to the dry palm sand that runs parallel to calm and transparent sea full natural pools.

In addition, a green creek empties into the right side of the beach creating an image worthy of a postcard from a trip for honeymooners, a brochure or a landscape painting excursions dazzling.

The few that exist Espelho posadas, completely fill in the festive period known as the Brazilian Carnival and Reveillon, so if you visit the beach at this time is advisable to book your accommodation in advance.

The inns are recommended over Porto Espelho, Recanto do Espelho or Pousada do Baiano, with different price ranges, but all articles meeting the requirements for a good stay.

Stroll along the coast of the beach is definitely one of the best activities in Praia Espelho. At low tide you can go around the rocks on the left side of the beach and find other good nearby beaches: Praia dos Amores, whose waters are, if possible, still more blue than the Espelho and Outeiro, another beach very advisable to spend the afternoon.

Pitinga Beach

pitinga beach

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Located in the District of Porto Seguro, and very close to Arraial Ajuda, Pitinga Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Bahia, which means, one of the best beaches in Brazil. In front of the beach is a big mountain, full of green vegetation, which gives the idea as he is swimming to be in a lost paradise. There are many natural pools Pitinga, and you can swim there while colorful fishes swim around the bather.

The beach has an infrastructure, and even to access it you have to walk quite by sand, which can hinder the passage of seniors. Anyway, you can do ahead of time.


It is advisable to book your accommodation before you come because you will not find good hotels in the beach Pitinga, although inns and lodges excellent, which strongly interact with nature.

The best way to reach the beach is Pitinga fly to the city of Porto Seguro, provided that there are connections from their home country. If not, the connection will be via Sao Paulo, Recife and Rio de Janeiro and from there to Porto Seguro. Varig Airlines, Gol and Tam economic offer flights.

Travel to Malaysia

travel to malaysiaWe will travel to Malaysia! Well, if nothing goes wrong before August 9. After several friends we comment that Malaysia is a great destination, something amazing, and thanks to the advice of a Malay girl who works at the Malaysian pavilion at Expo Zaragoza 2008, three days ago we decided to take a vacation to this country .

Travel to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur

We started looking for airfares and from 9 to 27 August (2008, of course) we have found for 885 euros / person. It is a very good price considering it is August and it is less than a month! The flight leaves London so now we have to get tickets with Ryanair. The cheapest is out of Reus, it costs us 130 euros / person. Since it is likely that those days are in Salou, comes perfect.

We know when we leave and when we return, but we still have some planning our stay there. Noelia, the best travel trainer has already been launched and has contacted several agencies of Malaysia offers.

Among the agencies that we have consulted, we liked Alwaha Tours Malaysia (answering very fast, fluid communication and very willing to give advice), Geomatika Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (more expensive but complete your proposal) and Tempro Tr @ ns Holiday & Tours Sdn Bhd (cheaper and more flexible).

In the end, the journey we have contracted with Tempro Tr @ ns Holiday & Tours Sdn Bhd. The email treatment has been very fast, have complied with our proposal and the price in relation to what we offer is the best. We get for $ 1,500 / person, that change remain at about 1000 Euros and includes all accommodation in hotels 3 and 4 stars, private van transportation, domestic flights, ferry ticket and boat between islands, and all meals.