Stretching sun-drenched south of wild nature and majestic Pyrenees, this passionate nation works a mysterious magic. Spain is filled with hundreds of sparkling beaches, Flamenco dancers (dancers) in the whirlwind of color, ruffles and matadors (bullfighters) showcase their talents in the arenas. Summer holidays are gathered around large pots steam pan (at its best taste in Valencia) and pitchers of sangria …

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Beyond these stereotypical images, a vast panorama, unexpected unfolds before you. Emerald green mountains seem to slide into the wild blue of the Atlantic to the north. Castells proud, lonely and medieval villages scattered throughout the interior. Bright white villages in the interior of Andalusia. Mountain ranges and the rugged Sierra Nevada (Europe’s southernmost ski) are covered throughout the country. The Celtic music of Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, recalls a misty land of Britain, Scotland and Ireland.

From its Roman remains in the Muslim palaces, from the Baroque cathedrals and modernist buildings, the country is a treasure chest of artistic and architectural wonders through a unique cultural palette. Over 30 years of democracy and rapid economic development have driven cities in Spain which is decorated with shiny new ornaments. An army of local and international architects, has left a lot of bold signature buildings in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Madrid, to name a few.
Up and down the country, a zest for life creates an intense, hedonistic in their cities effervescent. In fact, if there is anything the Spanish love, which is eat, drink and be merry, if eating tapas in a fine wine in Madrid and south, or its equivalent prepared Basque Country pintxos, over cider north .

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