Short Legs or Short Torso

If you have short legs and a short torso, create circumvention of a long leg, or torso. Try swimsuits that are cut higher in the thigh area. This will make your legs look longer. If you are blessed with curvy hips, upper thigh this cut will really accentuate the waist. Add a heart shaped cut bust, and I will guarantee you will look you’ve always dreamed of.
brazil beach babes
Would you gaze long torso, think stripes! The stripes are so big this season, so you will not have trouble finding a swimsuit striped fine. I know you’ve heard about how vertical stripes can visually lengthen the body, so be sure to consider when trying on a few striped suit. Another good tip for the girl with shorter legs, choose to use a bikini swimsuit, wear a shirt with vertical stripes, with a solid background. This will automatically draw the eye upward, away from the shorter legs, and make your body appear longer.

One more tip, a solid one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline, create a continuous long appearance and is absolutely drop dead sexy …

What to avoid if you have a short leg or torso. The shorts and bikinis, skirt, draw the eye down, and gives a sharp cut in the top of the leg. What will make the legs appear shorter than they really beings are.

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