carnivalThe Sambódromo is the facility where the parade celebrates the occasion Samba Schools Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. close expansion. The Sambódromo is where is the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. Infrastructures are composed of a long street, with bleachers on both sides, where circulating Samba Schools with their authentic costumes and fancy carnival floats.

Schools of Samba (Samba Schools in Portuguese) are popular organizations of hundreds or thousands of components annually prepare a choreography and fantasies to celebrate Carnival.

During carnival week contest is organized Samba Schools, which all go to the Sambódromo parade through the eyes of an audience as copious as helpful. Each school prepares a range of fancy costumes and a fully motorized floats and all kinds of lights and special effects, which makes your journey is a true celebration of movement, color and rhythm.

Since a Samba School starts circulating through the Sambódromo until the last of its components can pass the parade ends about two hours. Definitely a long while ago and especially when taking into account required to move every day several schools. This makes the shows occupy nearly all night, from sundown until almost dawn.

Tickets for the Sambódromo parade will go on sale from one year to another. That is, a bit of finishing the carnival offered for sale for the following year. They end up in a very short time, at least the cheapest seats. Although you can always buy tickets in travel agencies in Rio de Janeiro until a few days before the event. And also in the resale on the street the same day parades are held. The prices we pay a tourist just days before the show will be around for over 100 euros, not making any budget can afford.

This figure, which recently threw the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, is interesting revenue in two days Sambadrome parade of the samba schools exceed $ 17 million, which means three times entering any football stadium one year.

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