Do Forte Beach

do forte beachThe best thing about do Forte beach is that it has evolved from the days when there was only a small church, the fishermen and some beach resorts in the most correct, ie, maintaining its natural and rustic. Near the center is to find the best beach, to the right of center and just a 10 minute walk, with spectacular water and white sand has become one of the best beaches in Brazil.

Another advantage is that do Forte beach, with its strict rules of contamination, cleaning enjoyment where sand is always white.

That is because for example, you can rent chairs there, or sold food, so bring your note and visit this beach chair with a full stomach, and once there you will not find places to fix.


The do Forte beach is 55 miles north of Salvador airport, to where you can get from your hometown, or connecting to the airports of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Several ecological resorts accommodations are most characteristic and consistent with Praia Do Forte. Many of them arrive at the foot of the sea and are ideal for honeymooners enjoy eg.

Also of course you can not miss the typical Brazilian lodges, which blend perfectly good amenities at reasonable prices.

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