copacobanaEveryone has heard of Copacabana, is one of the world’s most famous beaches. Four miles of white sand beach, really amazing, is relatively cheap with regard to their own nightclubs around, the people here are very nice and always convey a pleasant atmosphere. There are hundreds of places where you’ll find a nice atmosphere to enjoy.

Copacabana is home Futvolley, you can enjoy both practicing and just watching. It’s a really fun sport.

Unfortunately, it is also a place where robberies so generously, so it has its very handy item.

Copacabana is the combination of a walk, a very popular beach and tourist. For about four kilometers and extends this walk semicircular shaped beach protected by a chain of buildings, mostly hotels which overlook the ocean and the rest, reaching the mountains, business and apartment houses. The beach is on the Atlantic Ocean coast and extends from the Fort of Copacabana to a solid rock cliff called the Morro do Leme. Behind this hill is the famous Sugar Loaf and the fort across the equally famous Ipanema beach.

Although the promenade and beach are continuous belong to two different neighborhoods, the Copacabana and Leme. That’s why I called the Copacabana Beach, about three miles, and Leme beach, the division occurring in Princesa Isabel Avenue. For our purposes does not make much difference but do not want to offend anyone by omitting this information.

The tour consists mainly of the famous sidewalk with his drawings in waves or waves. In this we see people walking sidewalk and other running. Some sat in the stands taking coconut water or other liquid with the highest percentage of alcohol. Everywhere there are vendors who never tire of offering their goods although few would buy.

Between the sidewalk and the ocean is the famous beach. When we were starting the season and many people were already there during daylight hours. It is an ideal place to meet other people from around the world or to tan. By the way, regarding the locker room, we saw a lot more fabric on the beaches of other countries we have been. There are always exceptions, but what we witnessed was that the control that is advertised both among foreign in Rio.

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